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Old Testament in 15

T/RS 121 OT in 15 minutes

Pentateuch Greek: "five books"
Israel Nation which god chooses to revel himself
Abrahamic Covenant God's pact that he will be with Abraham, and that his descendents would be God's chosen people
Moses God's deliverer to free Israel from bondage
Mosaic Covenant Israel should be faithful to god's laws because of what God did for them
Promised Land Area of present day Israel/Palestine
Torah Hebrew: "Law"
Saul First King of Israel
David Saul's heir (much better king)
The Davidic Covenant Promise that David's lineage would rule God's people forever
Solomon Last king of a United Israel (First Temple built)
586 BC Beginning of Babylonian exile
Babylon Modern day Iraq
Exile Judah forced to leave their country
Jews Descendents of the tribe of Judah
Second Temple Period Time between return from Exile and the destruction of The Second Temple
Psalms Collection of Hymns and Poems
Prophet Someone thru whom God spoke
Important about Prophets Early Christians cited Prophets because they believe they spoke of Jesus Christ
Messiah or christ (note not capitalized) Will one day lead God's people to freedom
Apocrypha or Deuterocanonical books Second division of The Christian Bible
Septuagint Greek translation of Hebrew scriptures
LXX Roman numeral for 70 (abbreviation of Septuagint)
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