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Dogs and Cats

Chapter 18

Anal glands secretory tissues composed of apocrine and sebaceous glands located in the anal sac; secretion of the anal glands is stored in the anal sacs and may play a role in territorial marking, as a defense mechanism, or as a pheromone for sexual behavior.
Carnassial Tooth large, shearing cheek tooth; the upper fourth premolar and lower first molar in dogsand the upper third premolar and lower first molar in cats; carnassial teeth may develop abscesses secondary to trauma or disease
Induced Ovulator species that ovulates only as a result of sexual activity
Domestic Longhair cat breed that has long guard hairs; abbreviated DLH.
domestic (dō-mehs-tihck) shorthair cat breed that has short guard hairs; abbreviated DSH.
docile tame and easygoing
feral wild; not domesticated.
gloves white paws
retractile ability to draw back; feline claws can be drawn back.
rabies (rā-bēz) virus fatal zoonotic rhabdovirus infection of all warm-blooded animals that causes neurologic signs; transmitted by a bite or infected body fluid; abbreviated RV.
spraying urination on objects to mark territory.
ticking fur coat that has guard hairs with darker tips mixed in.
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