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Primate Trends

General trends

Why are grasping hands and opposable thumbs helpful? Grasp with greater precision Adapt to live in trees by grasping bugs, trees, and tools
Natural curvature of hands is associated with what? Arboreal living
More curvature in hands is associated with primates who do what? Extreme swingers
Why do primates have a generalized skeleton? Allows us to be versatile Can use various locomotor patterns
Why are the clavicles and scapulae important? Assist in rotation of upper arm
What is significance of having two bones in forearm? Allows pronation and supination
How does the location of foramen magnum effect posture? When located towards center of base of skull, tendency towards vertical posture
What about the inner ear? Auditory bulla is a bony covering that protects inner ear. This is important in balance
What is the only trait all primates possess? Auditory bulla
How do the eyes of primates differ from other animals? Forward-facing eyes with post-orbital closure allows for stereoscopic vision Closure gives extra protection behind the eye to limit chance of breaking and injuring the eye
What is the technical term that describes primates' ability to perceive depth? Stereoscopic vision
Most primates are diurnal or nocturnal? Diurnal
What's up with the nose? Reduced snout due to reduced reliance on olfaction.
What is the technical term for sense of smell? Olfaction
Why are nails better than claws in some species of primates? Increased tactile perception Creates sensory pads Have ridges and fingerprints to help grip
What's the positive of generalized dentition? Able to adapt to different environments and eat a variety of foods
Primates eat mostly what? Veggies
What two species of primates have claws and not nails? Marmosets and Tamarins
Which species of primate is solely carnivorous? Tarsiers
What is encephalization Evolved increase in volume of Neocortex of the brain
What is the Neocortex? Part of brain involved in vision, analysis, and overall higher cognitive function
What are convolutions and what is their function? Folds in the brain that increase the surface area so we can hold more information
What does it mean to be K-selected? Live birth to single offspring' Live longer Longer gestational periods as well as longer periods of infancy and sexual immaturity Greater parental investment
What are two hypotheses regarding why primates groom each other? Reduces parasites Social and bonding experience
Which primate is closest to humans in musculature? Bonobos
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