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Med Term 4

Dewclaw Rudimentary first digit
Flank Side of the body between the hips and the ribs
Hock Tarsus joint
Stifle Knee or femorobital joint
Pinna External portion of the ear
Muzzle Consists of nose, whiskers, and mouth
Rump Rear end, bum, butt
Brisket Lower portion of the chest
Crest Dorsal margin of the neck
Dock Tail
Paralumbar Fossa Hollow area of the flank near hip
Poll Top of the head
Flank Area between hip and rib
Ham Muscles of the upper thigh
Jowl External throat (fat and loose skin)
Snout Nose, upper/lower lip
Chestnut Growth on medial aspect of equine leg just above knee on the front leg, rear hock on the back legs
Ergot Hair and keratinized tissue on the back of the fetlock
Gaskin Muscular part of hind limb between hock and stiffle
Carnassial Tooth Large shearing tooth
Polydactyl More than normal digit number
Coprophagy Eating feces
Elizabethan Collar "Cone" to keep dog from self trauma
Docile Tame and easy going
Feral Wild and not domesticated
Dull Lacking shine
Sheen Shine or luster
Unthrifty Not thriving
Points Color of nose, ears, tail, and feet
Canine Distemper Highly contagious, affects respiratory, digestive, and neurologic systems
Parvovirus Highly contangious, extreme gastrointestinal signs (prevelent in puppies and black and tan dogs.)
Rabies Fatal zoonotic virus, neuro signs
Corona Virus Gastrointestinal signs
Adenovirus Respiratory dieseas (causes hepatitis)
Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Progressive overtime, affects immune system
Feline Leukemia Virus Causes cancer and immune suppresion
Feline Infectious Peritonitis Caused by corona, can cause peritoneal effusion
Calivirus Common, upper respiratory and ocular disease
Calico Black, orange, white (usually females)
Tabby Two colors, spots or stripes
Rudddy Orange/brown with dark ticking
Tortoiseshell Orange/black splotchy
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