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Terminology chpt 1

Terms. with CF, prefixes, and suffixes

Acute Sudden Onset
Abduction Movement away from the midline of the body
Anemia Decrease in red blood cells and hemoglobin
Anuria No urination; unable to urinate
Adduction Movement towards the midline of the body
Alimentary p.t. the gastrointestinal tract
Antiemetic Pertaining to against vomiting
Arteriosclerosis Hardening of the arteries
Arthralgia Pain in the joints
Arthrodynia Pain in the joints
Arthroplasty Surgical repair of a joint
Arthroscope Instrument to visually examine a joint
Arthrotomy Process of cutting into a joint
Axillary pertaining to the armpit
Behaviorist Specialist in behavior; behaviorist
cardiac pertaining to the heart
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
Cardiosis abnormal condition of the heart
Chemotherapy Chemical Treatment
colostomy new opening from the large intestines to the outside of the body
Cutaneous Pertaining to the skin
cyanosis abnormal condition of blue
cyanotic Pertaining to the abnormal condition of blue color
cystectomy incision or removal of the urinary bladder or a cyst
cystocentesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid from the urinary bladder
Diarrhea Rapid movement of feces through the intestines
Dysphagia Difficultly swallowing or bad or painful swallowing
Electrocardiogram Record of the electricity in the heart
Electrocardiograph Instrument for recording electricity in the heart
Electrocardiography Process of recording electricity in the heart
Endocrine Glands that secrete hormones directly within (into) the bloodstream
Endoscope Instrument to visually examine within
Endoscopy Process to visually examine within
Enteric Pertaining to small intestines
Enterorrhaphy Suture of small intestine
Enteropathy Disease condition of small intestines
Epigastric Pertaining to above the stomach
Euthyroid Normal thyroid
Euphoria Good feeling
Exocrine Glands that secrete chemicals through tubes everywhere in the body
Gastric Pertaining to stomach
Gastritis Inflammation of the stomach
Gastroenteritis Inflammation of the stomach and small intestines
Gastropexy Surgical fixation of the stomach
Gastrotomy Incision of the stomach
Gastrectomy Removal of the stomach
Gastrostomy New opening from the stomach to the outside of the body
Glycemic Pertaining to blood condition of sugar
Hemarthrosis Abnormal condition of blood in a joint
Hematoma mass or collection of blood
Hemorrhage Escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels
Hepatitis Inflammation of the liver
Hypogastric Pertaining to below the stomach
Hyperglycemia Blood condition of increased sugar
Hypoglycemia Blood condition of decreased sugar
Iatrogenic pertaining to caused by treatment
Iliac pertaining to the illum (bone in the hip) of hip
Infracostal Pertaining to below the ribs
Intercostal Pertaining to between the ribs
Intramuscular Pertaining to within a muscle
Laparoscope Instrument to visually examine the abdomen
Laparoscopy Visual examination of the abdomen
Laparotomy Incision into the abdomen or of the abdomen
Laryngeal Pertaining to the voice box or larynx
Leukopenia Deficiency of white blood cells (WBC)s
Lumbar Pertaining to the lower back
Mammary Pertaining to the mammary glands
Mammoplasty Surgical repair of the mammary glands
Mastectomy Removal or incision of the mammary glands
Mucous Pertaining to mucus
Myalgia Pain in muscle
Myeloma Tumor of the spinal cord or bone marrow
Myorrhexis Rupture of a muscle
Nephrosis Abnormal condition of the kidney or kidneys
Nephrotic Pertaining to the kidneys
Panleukopenia Decreased (deficiency) of all white blood cells
Pericardium membrane surrounding the heart
polyuria excessive urination
precancerous pertaining to before cancer
Oliguria scanty urine
Osteomalacia softening of bone
ovariohysterectomy removal of the ovaries and the uterus
ovarian pertaining to the ovariesre
percutaneous pertaining to through the skin
renal pertaining to the kidneys
relapse symptoms return after an apparent recovery
remission symptoms lessen and the patient feels better
resection process of cutting back
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
subcostal pertaining to under or below the ribs
subhepatic pertaining to below the liver
sublingual pertaining to below or under the tongue
suprascapular pertaining to above the scapula
transhepatic pertaining to across the liver
urinalysis separation of urine into its components
uterine pertaining to the uterus
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