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Vet tech terms

Commonly used vet abbreviations and medicines

AB Abdominal/abnormal/antibody
ABD abdominal
ABX antibiotics
A.C. before meals
ac acute
A.D. right ear
A.S. left ear
A.U. both ears
BG blood glucose
BID twice daily
BP blood pressure
BPM beats per minute
Bx biopsy
CA cancer
CBC complete blood count
CC cubic centimeter- same as mL
D dextrose
DC discontinue/discharge
DISP dispense
Dx Diagnosis
Dz disease
EE eyes and ears
EBL estimated blood loss
ENG electroneurography
EUA examination under anesthesia
Ex examined
FU follow up
Fx fracture
GSW gun shot wound
gtt drops
H hour
HBC hit by car
HS at bedtime
Hx history
IC intracardiac
ID infectious diseases
Ig Immunoglobulin
IM intramuscular
IP intraperitoneal
ISO isolated
IU international units
LRS lactated ringers solution
M meter squared
Mod moderate
NaCl Sodium Chloride
NAD no acute distress
NG nasogastric
NPO nothing by mouth
N/S normal saline
OD right eye
OS left eye
OU both eyes
O/W otherwise
P after/pint/plan
PC after eating
PO by mouth
PRN as needed
Q every
Qf rate of fluid filtration
QID rate of fluid filtration
QOD every other day
QS quantity sufficient
RBC red blood cell
RBG random blood glucose
RDI recommended daily intake
Red reduce
R/O rule out
SID once daily
SOL solution/soluble
SQ subcutaneously
Susp suspension
Sx surgery/symptoms
TKO to keep open
TPR temperature, pulse, respiration
Tx treatment
UA urinalysis
US ultrasound
uto unable to obtain
WB whole blood
WBC white blood cell
wd wound
W/U work up
X times
X&D examination and diagnosis
XKO not knocked out
XR x-ray
XS excess/cross section
YO years old
YOB year of birth
Z no effect
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