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health fill in 2

health fill in blank #2

osteoporosis bone-thinning disease
BMI index that relates height to weight
compression RICE stands for rest, ice, ________ and elevation
medicine substance used to cure or treat an illness
immune system Food allergies are negative reactions to a specific food that involves the body's ______________
suicide warning signs of ______________ are giving away possessions, negleting his or her appearance, and withdrawal from friends
physical fitness goals should be based on your ________ abilities
double one way to take your pulse is to count the beats for 30 seconds and then ____________ that number
grieve this helps you heal from the pain of a loss
more teens need __________ sleep than their parents
FITT formula overtraining is caused by exceeding the recommendations of the ____________
sleep deprivation insomnia can result in ______________
lactose intolerance people who experience diarrhea, gas and cramps after drinking milk have ____________________
professional treating bulimia nervosa or anorexia requires ___________ help
diarrhea a persona with ___________ should drink plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration
intoxication the state of being affected by alcohol is called ___________
synapes small spaces between neurons where neurotransmitters are released are called ______________
Alateen teens who belong to this group learn ways to cope with alcoholic parents
Created by: MaestraG