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health fill in blank

health fall final

coping dealing with problems and troubles in an effective way
public service announcement a message designed to teach people about an issue
heart disease major cause of death for adults over age 65
empathy being able to understand another person's behaviors and attitudes
self-esteem if this is low people may criticize themselves & others
consequences examples of negative ones are tobacco addiction, pregnancy and getting into a car accident
positive people who are this have many assets that help them feel strong, capable, and healthy
stress-related examples of these disorders are backaches, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure
resilient a person who is this does not rely on defense mechanisms to deal with problems
emotions holding these in can be destructive to your mental & emotional health
stressful this kind of experience can lead to some mental disorders, such as phobias
negative this kind of influence can pressure you to use drugs, smoke or drink alcohol
action plan set of directions that will help you reach your goal
controllable risk factors smoking, poor diet, and sedentary lifestyle can contribute to heart disease and are ____________
wellness optimal health
Created by: MaestraG