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Crop Science Test 2

Examples of reduced or conservation tillage systems include ridge tillage, strip tillage, and no till
Two possible consequences of excessive cultivation in crops are loss of soil moisture and root pruning
The major function of the moldboard plow is to invert the topsoil and bury debris
The major function of the subsoiler or chisel plow is to Break up deep hardpans or compacted layers
The oldest and mos familiar form of weed control is mechanical (the hoe)
A nonselective herbicide is capable of killing almost any green plant species
Weeds are classified according to life cycle (annual vs. perennial) and broadleaf vs grasses
Many crop plants now have weed and insect management strategies "built in" in the form of genetically engineered tolerance to herbicides and production of insecticides
An example of the disease management principle of protection is seed treatment with a fungicide to protect against seedling diseases
Herbicides can be grouped largely as either systemic or contact
In the backcross method of crop improvement the major objective is improvement of one specific trait for an otherwise acceptable cultivar
A very popular method of crop improvement, used most often to improve an established cultivar for a single, specific, simply inherited trait is backcross method
The three major methods of crop improvement (plant breeding) include mass selection, pedigree selection, and backcross method
The primary commercial type of corn grown in the US is dent corn
A good rule of thumb for calculating N rates for a corn crop is 3 g/plant
Time to maturity in corn is mainly determined by accumulation of heat units
Commercial F1 hybrid cultivars are economically feasible in corn because corn has a unique flower structure, with complete separation of male and female flowers on the same plant
Corn is more sensitive to zinc deficiency than most crops and most likely to show symptoms in soils with a high pH and sandy soil texture
Imbreeding (self pollination) of corn for a few generations leads to a lowering of yield and plant vigor and increased uniformity
Peanut flowers are produced above ground, but the fruits are produced below ground attached to structures called pegs
The primary market class of peanut grown in alabama area is runner
Unlike most of the other crops we have studied, peanut produced in the us is primarily utilized as human food, in candy, peanut butter, and whole nuts
Peanut seed are planted deeper than most other agronomic crops because they are large seeded, requiring more water for germination, and are usually planted in sandy soils
Peanut came to the US from Africa, but peanut is thought to have originated in Brazil/Paraguay area in S. america
Two nutrient elements that are generally considered to be most critical in the production of peanut are boron and calcium
An example of a selective herbicide is 2-4-D
Give tow reasons why we till the soil To prepare seedbeds and bury crop debris
Give three ways weeds can cause losses in crop production systems contaminate product - compete for water, sunlight, nutrients - host diseases and pests
What historical event had the most impact on US corn production Development of F1 hybrid cultivars
Harvest maturity is difficult to predict in peanuts. Give two reasons why and briefly tell how harvest maturity is often determined. peanut crop is underground and indeterminate - you can use the hullscrape method to determine maturity
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