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Crop Science Test 1

The first step in the development of an agricultural society was the Beginning of subsistence agriculture
Crop plants that are thought to have originated in the Americas include Maize, white potato, and tomato
Compared to 1968 (according to UN estimates) world agricultural production is now providing More calories per person for more people on less land
A below ground modified stem used primarily for asexual propagation is called Rhizome
The failure of an ordinarily upright stem to remain upright (fall over) is called Stem lodging
In its simplest form, photosynthesis can be divided into Light and dark reactions
The source of energy that is the product of the light reactions and provides energy to drive the dark reactions of photosynthesis is ATP and NADPH
The majority of carbon found on earth is in the form of Fossil fuels and mineral carbonates (limestone)
The point at which photosynthetic rate is equal to respiration rate is called the Compensation point
Light pigments that are best absorbed by chlorophyll and other plant pigments are Blues and reds
Essential flower parts include the stamens and pistil
A monoecious species Has male and female flowers borne on the same plants
A species of short day plant with a critical photoperiso of 14.5 hours is germinated and grown for two months in continuous light (24 hour photoperiod). After the light regime is changed to 16 hours light and 8 hours dakness per day. The plants would Remain vegetative
Flower structures common to both legumes and grasses are Pistil and stamens
The four major soil components are water, air, mineral matter, and organic matter
Soils are composed of four major parts: mineral components, organic matter, water, and air
The concentration of H+ ions in the soil Can have a major impact on nutrient availability
Hygroscopic soil water is Water that is usually unavailible
The most limitiing factor in agricultural production world wide is water
In spite of receiving a fairly amount of annual precipitation, water is often a limiting factor in crop production in Alabama and the Southeast because of High evapotranspiration rates, poor water holding capacity of soils, and uneven seasonal rainfall distribution
An important role of magnesium in the plant is central in the structure of the chlorophyll molecule
Ammonium nitrate (34-0-0) sells for $5.60 for a 50lb bag at the local co-op. The cost per pound of N would be approximately $0.33
The major fertilizer material used to supply potassium in commercial fertilizers is Muritate of potash, Potassium chloride
Of the following, the only fertilizer material that is a commercial source of both N and P is Monoammonium phosphate
A 100lb bag of a fertilizer of grade (5-10-15) actually contains The equivalent of 5lbs of N, 10lbs of P2O5, and 15lbs of K2O
Give a specific example of a sink developing fruit
Give a specific example of a cross pollinated plant soybeans
Give a specific example of a Nutrient Nitrogen
Give a specific example of a commercial source of nitrogen fertilizer ammonium nitrate
Give a specific example of a modified stem rhizome or stolon
Give a brief description of a crop canopy above ground portion of the crop
Give a brief description of a stamen pollen producing organ of a flower
Give a brief description of a pollination process which pollen is transferred in the reproduction of plants
Give a brief description of a vernalization plants ability to flower in the spring by exposure to the prolonged cold
Give a brief description of net photosynthetic rate the difference in the total amount of photosynthesis and the sum of the rates of respiration
Explain the concept of apical dominance and include how it may relate to crop lodging and damage from hail or other types of upper plant injury The phenomonen where the maincentral stem of the plant is dominant over other side stems. It can give the plant more support in bad weather conditions.
Complete the following equation for photosynthesis ___ + 12H2O = 6H2O + 6O2 + glucose 6CO2
Describe the relationship between dry matter accumulation and percent solar interception in crop plants linear
Indicate the availability of gravitation water to plants Temporary but available
Indicate the availability of capillary water to plants very available
Indicate the availability of hygroscopic water to plants not available
How do we correct (raise) the pH of an acid soil. Spread lime
Describe two crop management practices that can help improve water use effciency irrigation scheduling what time of day to irrigate and irrigation system improvements to minimize water loss
Piedmont Fertilizer Company in opelika has two fertilizer materials available for sale. A mixture of materials (0-20-20) is available at a cost of $240/ton., while (0-46-0) is $310/ton. What is the cost per pound of nutrient for each material.
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