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Evergreen Shrubs #2

Alexis has a large evergreen shrub with yellowish-green leaves about 2" to 3" long with serrated margins near the leaf tips. It has clusters of small waxy-gray berries. This shrub is a: Wax myrtle
David’s neighbor has a large evergreen shrub with many large flowers and dark green leaves with smooth margins. The leaves are about 5" long and 2" wide it grows in shade beside roads in the mountains of North Carolina. This shrub is a: Catawba Rhododendron
Dwarf Yaupon, Helleri Holly and Dwarf Burford Holly are all in the genus called: Ilex
Evan has a dwarf evergreen shrub about two feet high and two feet wide with dark green mature leaves about ½" to 1" long. New spring growth is light green and the stems are a gray color. This shrub is a: Dwarf Yaupon
Hugo has a large evergreen shrub with dark green five inch long and two inch wide leaves growing in shade. It has many large flowers. On his last vacation to the North Carolina mountains, he saw some of this type shrub in the edge of the forests. It is a: Catawba Rhododendron
If Lynwood saw a plant with the word "Pinus" in the scientific name, what kind of plant would it be? Pine
Rachel has an evergreen ground cover with silvery-blue scale-type leaves. This plant is a: "Blue Rug" Creeping Juniper
The scientific name for an azalea is: Rhodendron kiusianum
Travis visited his old ball field and found a large evergreen shrub with dark green leaves that are 3" long and 1½" wide with raised veins underneath. It has ¼" dark purple berries with a hard seed inside. This shrub is a: Japanese privet
Created by: amelia_fox