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vet med term ch.6

chapter 6 gut instinct in veterinary medical terminology

or/o and stomat/o both mean mouth
gnath/o jaw
cheil/o and labi/o both mean lips
rug/o fold or wrinkle
oral cavity contains the lips, cheeks, hard and soft plates, salivary glands,tongue,teeth, and periodontium
palat/o palate
gloss/o and lingu/o tongue
dent/o, dent/i, and odont/o teeth
deciduous dentition temp. set of teeth durring young age. (baby teeth)
decidu/o sheeding
incisors front tooth used for cutting [abreviation is I]
caninies loong, pointy bonelike tooth located between incisor's and premolars [abv. is C]
pewmolars cheek tooth found between caninie and molars.(also known as bicuspids)[abv is P]
molars most caudally located permanent cheek tooth used for grinding. [abv is M]
gingiv/o gums
para- near
ot/o ear
sialaden/o and sial/o salivary glands. (sial/o also means saliva)
abdomin/o and ciel/o abdomen
lapar/o abdomen and flank
gastr/o stomach
pharyng/o pharynx
esophag/o esophagus
proct/o anus and rectum together
duoden/i and duoden/o mean duodenum
ile/o ileum
Cec/o cecum
col/o colon
rect/o rectum
an/o anus
vill/i tuft of hair
hepat/o liver
cyst/o cyst, sac of fluid, or urincary bladder
chol/e bile or gall
doch/o receptacle
pancreat/o pancreas
-ase enzymes usually end with -ase
meta- change or beyond
-stalsis suffix meaning contraction
copr/o feces
dys- difficult
-phagia eating or swallowing
trich/o hair
-pexy surgically fix something to a body surface
-stomy surgical production of an artifical opening between an organ and a body surface
segmentation mixing of ingesta in the intestine
ascites abnormal accumulation of fluid in the abdomen
intussusception telescoping of one part of intestine to an adjacent part
peritoneum is what attaches the small intestine to the dorsal abdominal wall
pica eating/licking of abnormal substance
stomatitis inflammation of the mouth
tenesmus straining, or painfull defecation(poop pain!!!!)
hepatoma liver tumor
emacitation merked wasting or excessive leanness
gavage force feeding through a tube passed into the stomach
cec/o first part of the large intestine
peristalisis a muscualr, wave live movement used to transport food throughout the digestive system
pulp part of the tooth that contains a large about of nerves and blood vessels
buccal pertaining to the cheek
ulcer erosion of tissue
pylorus narrow passage between the stomach and the duodenum
incontinence inability to control
antiemetic drug used to prevent vomiting
colostomy formation of a new opening from the largeintestion to the surface of the body
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