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Legislative branch

What does the 17th amendment address? The senate is composed of 2 senators from each state, elected by the people
What does the 27th amendment address? Congresses pay being raised
Who is the current speaker of the house? John Boehner
What state does the speaker of the house represent? Ohio
What does the speaker of the house do? The senior figure in the house, The speaker can essentially decide which bill gets a passage through the house and which gets killed
Which party does the speaker of the house come from? the majority party?
Does the speaker of the house get a vote in the house? Yes
What are the speaker how the houses powers regarding committees? He appoints committees and refers bills to the committees
In the term of presidential succession, the speaker of the house is the... 3rd choice/ after the vice president
Who is the President of the senate? The Vice president
What role does the president of the senate play? He's a tie breaker
Who is the current President Pro Tempore of the Senate? Leahy Patrick JR.
What role does the President Pro Tempore of the senate play? He takes over the chamber if the Vice president/ President of the senate isn't there
How often does the census occur? every ten years
What is an electoral district? a sub division for holding separate elections for seats in a legislative body
what is redistricting? The way in which we adjust the districts that determine who represent us
What is gerrymandering? Drawing boundaries of electoral districts
define Legislator Person who writes and passes laws
define committee group of people assigned for a task
define Constituents people within a district or state government official represents them
what is case work? The response or services that members of congress provide to people who request assistance
what is congressional Session? 2 years long, first two years guaranteed as house member
how long do members of the US house serve 2, 1 year terms
are there term limits for members of the US house? NO
prior to the 17th amendment, who selected US senators The legislative, thinking state legislatures would cement their tie with the national government
Summary of the Gibbons vs. Ogden case Steamboat case, Congress has the powers to regulate interstate commerce
When gerrymandering occurs, it is preformed by...... the state legislature. This impacts the US house
Which part of congress has the power to approve of reject presidential appointments Senate
how does the process of treaty approval work? a two thirds vote by the senate
Out representative in the US house, and his committees Patrick Meehan, Homeland security, transportation, and infrastructure
Our representatives in the US senate Bob casey, and Pat Toomey
what does the Ways and means committee do? oversees taxing and spending legislation
What does the Rules committee do? Passes a rule to accompany each bill
What does the Appropriations Committee do? Congressional committee that deals with federal spending
What is a Discharge Petition? A procedure by which a bill in the House of representatives may be forced out of a committee
When must congressional elections be held? After the first monday in November in even number years
What committee decides when bills reach the floor of the house the rules committee
How does a bill become a law 1. A bill is introduced when the House is in session 2. The bill is then brought to the house's presiding officer 3. the bill clerk assigns the bill a number 4. the bill is then assigned to a committee 5. Congress post on website
where do most bills die the house rules committee
where o filibusters occur the Senate, because there's no time limit for debating
What is a filibuster any attempt to delay or block senate action on a bill/ talking a bill to death
what does markup mean committees/ sub committees debate, amend and rewrite proposed legislature
what does quorum mean? If the majority is present, work can be done
What is the floor vote? All members will vote if a bill makes it out of the committee
What is a Cloture? Senate can vote to place a time limit on the filibuster
What is a standing committee? a permeant committee
what is the speech and debate clause? the house and senate shatt be privileged from arrest during their attendance at the session of their houses
what is reapportionment? redistribution of representation in a legislative body
what are 2 big ideas of the reapportion act of 1929 1. establish a permanent method for apportionning the 435 seats of the house
what are the 3 requirements to serve on the US house 25 years old a citizen for 7 years live in the state you are elected for
3 requirements for the US senate 30 years old a citizen for 9 years live in the state you are elected for
Why did the founding fathers establish a bicameral congress they wanted an upper house to represent each state equally
define a term the time period something lasts
define session a continuous sitting of persons so assembled
define pigeonhole to assign to a definite place in some orderly system
define continous body a part of the senate that achieves stability by staggering the terms of members to prevent more
define constituents a person who elects a represetative to office
define incumbent the current holder of a political office
define rider a condition or proviso added to something already said
define markup process/ result of correcting text in preparation for printing
party whips a legislator appointed by the party in order to enforce
define joint committee made up of members of both chambers of a bicameral legislature
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