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Coronary Heart Disease

Vocabulary WordDefinition
Coronary Heart Disease Build-up of plaque on the walls of the coronary arteries.
Uncontrollable Risk Factors Age, Gender, Heredity
Controllable Risk Factors Smoking, Obesity, Diabetes Mellitus, Physical Inactivity, High blood pressure, High cholesterol, Stress
Age Degenerative process begins at approx. the second decade and continues at varying rates depending on lifestyle
Gender Women are generally protected against the premature development of CHD because of hormonal differences. After menopause this effect is eliminated.
Heredity Predisposition to CHD may be inherited.
Smoking Smokers heart has to pump more blood per unit of time in order to transport a given volumn of oxygen therefore the load on the heart is increased.
Obesity Existing evidence suggests only a moderate relationship, or that the relationship is co-dependant with such factors as hypertension, diabetes, and smoking.
Diabetes Mellitus arteriosclerosis is one disease of the large arties which may be associated with diabetes, in which plaque-like deposits containing large amounts of cholesterol build up on the inside walls of the arteries.
Physical Inactivity Lack of exercise is a significant factor in the development of CHD.
High blood pressure hypertension is related to CHD
High Cholesterol There is a link between high levels of cholesterol and heart disease.
Stress The inability to deal with the negative effects of stress has been identified as a major risk factor.
Created by: LisaSceviour