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Surgical Instruments


What are cutting needles used for? Fascia and Muscle
What are taper needles used for? organs
What are swagged needles used for? atraumatic
What does swagged needles mean? needle and suture together
Non-Absorbable Sutures Nylon, polyester, silk, wire
Retains strength <21 days monocryl, biosyn
Retains strength >21 days Dexon, Vicryl, Maxon, PDS, Polysorb
used in abdominal or thoracic surgery to suck up fluid Poole Suction Tip
used in abdominal or thoracic surgery to suck up fluid and has a decompressed hole near the top to control the suction power with your finger Frazier Suction Tip
Used to suck up LARGE amounts of blood in the thoracic or abdominal cavity Yankaeur Suction Tip
Manuel bone and tissue retractor Army-Navy
Manuel hand and foot retractor Senn
Manuel retractor used in abdominal surgeries and some thoracic surgeries and has a blade that can be bent to any angle and depth that's needed Small Malleable
Manuel retractor used in spays Snook Hook
Manuel used in orthopedic surgeries Hohlmann
self-retaining retractor used in abdominal surgeries Balfour
self-retaining retractor used to separate the ribs Finochietto
self-retaining retractor used to separate the ribs in very small animals Gelpi
self-retaining retractor used in the abdominal Jansen
self-retaining retractor used in abdominal or thoracic surgeries Weitlaner
staples the skin together skin stapler
staples the colon and rectum together end-to-end anastomosis stapler
used in abdominal surgeries Thoracoabdominal stapler
What does the lid spectrum do? hold the eye open
What does the lacrimal cannulas do? flushed the lacrimal duct
What do Iris Scissors do? used to cut and suture during surgery
Which suture is a monofilament that is stiff and braided? Dexon Suture
Which suture is a multifilament that is braided, stiff and used in ophthalmic surgery? Vircryl Suture
Which suture helps with the healing of wounds? Maxon Suture
Which suture is a monofilament and has very high tensile strength? PDS Suture
Which suture is a monofilament and is excellent for tying knots because it is not stiff? Monocryl Suture
Which size suture is most appropriate for large animal surgery? 5
Which size suture is most appropriate for tiny, ocular surgery? 7-0
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