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greenhouse manageman

Unit 5 sexual reproduction

used as a substitute for peat moss or in combination with peat; aged hardwood or pine is best Bark
a fungal disease that causes the stems to rot off at the soil line Damping off
the phase in the life cycle of a plant when growth is slowed or inactive Dormancy
the resumption of growth by a seed embryo; occurs when the embryonic root emerges from the seed coat Germination
small branched plants sold to growers Liners
a moss plant that grows on peat bogs, such as sphagnum or polytrichum Peat moss
a heat-treated lava rock that is lightweight with low nutrient and moisture holding capacity Perlite
small plants grown in a small amount of media in divided trays Plugs
the reproduction of plants Propagation
used to increase aeration and drainage Sand
breaking or softening a seed coat to allow absorption of moisture Scarification
reproduction using seeds Sexual
placing seeds in a moist soil medium at a temperature between 32 degrees and 50 degrees for a certain period of time Stratification
transferring or moving seedlings from the seedbed and setting them into the ground Transplanting
heat-treated mica that is lightweight and has high nutrient and moisture holding content Vermiculite
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