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Vocabulary Quiz

Shotokan PE Class

Ichi One (1)
Ni Two (2)
San Three (3)
Shi Four (4)
Go Five (5)
Roku Six (6)
Shichi Seven (7)
Hachi Eight (8)
Ku (Kyuu) Nine (9)
Juu Ten (10)
Age-Uke Rising block
Soto-Uke Outside block
Uchi-Ude-Uke Inside block
Gedan Barai Down block -- "lower level sweep"
Shuto-Uke Knife-hand block
Kumite Sparring
Gohan Kumite Five-step sparring
Sanbon Kumite Three-step sparring
Ippon Kumite One-step sparring
Jiyuu Ippon Kumite Semi-free one-step sparring
Jiyuu Kumite Free sparring
Zenkutsu-Dachi Front stance
Koh-Kutsu-Dachi Back stance
Kiba-Dachi Horse stance -- saddle stance
Tsuki Punch
Oi-Zuki Lunge punch
Gyaku-Zuki Reverse punch
Kizami-Zuki Jab punch
Ura-Ken Back hand strike
Empi Elbow strike
Haito Ridge-hand strike
Shuto Knife hand strike
Geri Kick
Mae-Geri Front (snap) kick
Mawashi-Geri Round house kick
Yoko Geri Keage Side snap kick
Joh-Dan "Upper level" -- face
Chuudan "Middle level" -- stomach -- solar plexus
Gedan "Lower level" -- groin
Kihon Basic(s)
Ki Energy
Ki-Ai "Spirit focus" -- a focusing yell
Kime "Decision" -- focus, lock
Rei Bow
Yoh-I "Get ready"
Yame Stop
Mawatte Turn
Hajime Begin
Migi Right side
Hidari Left side
Ushiro Back
Dojo "Way place" -- the place where you train
Shomen Front of dojo -- full-facing (upper body position)
Seiza "Proper sitting" -- kneeling
Sensei Instructor -- “one who has gone before”
Sempai Senior student
Kohai Junior student
Created by: clari.nellie