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Dojo Kun Quiz

Shotokan PE Class

Seiza “kneel down” -- done in rank order, starting with the higher ranks first
Mokusoh “meditate” -- we take one minute to empty our minds and prepare for maximum concentration during class. Meditation should be done with eyes closed, body relaxed, and exclusive concentration on your breathing
Mokusoh Yame “stop meditating” -- gently return the focus from your inner self back to the environment you are in
Shomen Ni Rei “bow to shomen” -- we bow as a sign of respect and thanks to the founder of Shotokan and the ancestors. This tradition has its roots in Shinto religion
Sensei Ni Rei “bow to sensei” -- the entire class bows to the teacher
Senpai Ni Rei "bow to senpai" -- If sensei is not present, the entire class bows to the leader of that day’s class
Otagai Ni Rei “bow to the others” -- we all symbolically bow to each other by bowing forward. This is a way of giving thanks to everyone for being present and helping us learn karate
Dojo Kun (definition) “rules of the dojo” -- a set of five rules that were passed down from the masters of Okinawan karate, and are an affirmation of things we believe in and must keep in mind at all time
Dojo Kun Seek perfection of character / Be faithful / Endeavor / Respect others / Refrain from violent behavior
Ijo "finish" -- senpai says this alone
Created by: clari.nellie