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Autonmic syndromes

Tox lecture 1

AIRWAY (pi) • Check gag/cough reflex • Position patient • Clear/suction airway • Endotracheal intubation? (p 4)
BREATHING (p 5) • Obtain arterial blood gases • Assist with bag/mask device • Give supplemental oxygen • Ventilatory failure? (p 5) • Hypoxia? (p 6) • Bronchospasm? (p7)
CIRCULATION (p B) • Measure blood pressure/pulse • Monitor electrocardiogram • Start 1-2 IV lines • Obtain routine bloodwork • Bradycardia/AV block? • Prolonged QRS Interval? • Tachycardia? • Ventricular arrhythmias? • Hypotension? • Severe hypertension
Altered Mental Status • Recognize/treat hypoglycemia • Monitor rectal temperature • Consider organic causes • Treat seizures • Control agitation • Coma or stupor? (p 18) • Hypothermia? <p 20) • Hyperthermia • Seizures? (p 22) • Agitation?
OTHER COMPLICATIONS • Check urine myoglobin • Obtain allergy history • Dystonia • Ridgidity • Allergy or anaphylaxis?
DIAGNOSIS OF POISONING • Physical examination • Essential laboratory tests • Osmolar gap? • Anion gap acidosis? • Hyper/hypoglycemia? • Hyper/hypo-natremla? • Hyper/hypo-kalemia? • Renal failure? • Liver failure? • Toxicology screening? • Abdominal x-ray?
DECONTAMINATION (p 4S) • Wash skin and irrigate eyes • Emesis or gastric lavage • Charcoal and cathartic • Hazardous materials? (p 563)
ENHANCED ELIMINATION (p 53) • Hemodialysis • Hemoperfuslon • Repeat-dose charcoal
DISPOSITION (p 56) • Toxicology consultation • Psychosocial evaluation • Regional poison center consultation [(800)222-1222
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