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Beef Management

Seedstock Producers Cow/calf producers who produce breeding stock for purebred or commercial operations
Cow/Calf Operations Generally use purebred breeding stock in crossbreeding programs to produce commercial offspring
Stocker Operations Purchase weanling calves from cow/calf producers and feed them out on pasture land
Feedlots Segment of the beef cattle industry; sole purpose and feed and fatten cattle
Beef Packers Harvest finished cattle which are purchased from feedlots and other outlets
Flight Zone Cattle's safety zone
Nutrition Science which deals with food and effects on health
Rations Mixture of feedstuffs which provide a balanced diet containing high amounts of energy and protein needed for optimum growth of an animal
Concentrates Feeds high i energy and low in fiber
Roughages Feeds high in fiber
Ruminants Animals with a four compartment stomach
Expected Progeny Differences (EPD) Number estimate of breeding potential for characteristics, such as gain, muscling and maternal and carcass life
Body Condition Score Number in which describes the level of flesh or fat an animal possesses
Estrus (Standing Heat) Regularly occurring state of sexual receptivity during which a female will accept a male; when ovulation take place
Gestation Period of pregnancy in animals; time from conception to birth
Parturition Process of giving birth
Dystocia Trouble giving birth
Colostrum Filled with antibodies; paves the road for the future health, immunity and survival of offspring
Castration Removal of the testicles of a male animal
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