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WFHS-Animal Vocab

Small Animal Industry

Domesticate The act of taming an animal for use by humans. Usually done by selective breeding over several generations (mating nice animals with nice animals).
Waterfowl Ducks and geese. Really any water bird (fowl=bird).
Poultry Group name for domesticated birds. Really any bird we raise for meat or eggs.
Broiler Young chicken grown for meat. Future Chick-fil-a meal.
Roaster Mature chicken grown for meat. Chick-fil-a ready.
Pullet A young female chicken.
Bantam Miniature chicken. Not talking about age, just size.
Poult A young turkey. Future Thanksgiving dinner.
Drake A male duck.
Doe A female of the goat or rabbit family. Also the name of other female animals, but not in this conversation.
Gander A male goose.
Squab Young pigeons that are butchered for meat before they are old enough to fly. Think "pigeon veal."
Pelt The skin of an animal with the hair attached. Davy Crocket made his hats out of raccoon pelts.
Angora Wool from wool-producing rabbits. Makes very soft sweaters.
Hutch A rabbit cage or hutch. Man made rabbit house.
Litter A group of young animals born by the same mother at the same time.
Apiculture Beekeeping. This was a prompt. Get it right.
Apiary An area where bees are kept. Beehive, or collection of beehives.
Worker (bee) A female bee that does all the work. I suspect my mother may have been one.
Drone A male bee. Has no sting. Does no work. Only job is to mate with the queen. Bad role model.
Created by: jonbri29