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General Vet Term

General Veterinary Terminology

abrasion irritation of skin or mucous membrane
anesthetic relating to anesthesia; an anesthetic agent, causing a loss of feeling
antibiotic substance that destroys disease-causing bacteria
antibody substance formed by the body to counteract antigens
anticoagulant substance that hinders blood clotting
antigen substance that stimulates the body's immune system
antiseptic clean; preventing the growth of microorganisms
antivenin substance that counteracts the toxicity of venom
apnea periodic cessation (stopping) of breathing
arthritis joint inflammation
artificial respiration rhythmic forcing of air into lungs that have stopped breathing
aseptic technique procedure for preventing infection
atrophic technique procedure for preventing infection
avulsion detachment or tearing away of mucous membranes or glands
biopsy removal and examination of tissues for diagnosis
brucellosis an infection caused by brucella bacteria that can cause disease on animals and man
canine parvovirus virus that causes a deadly disease in dogs
catheterization introduction of a catheter (tube) into a body part
coagulant agent that produces blood clotting
coma state of deep unconsciousness
compress folded cloth or pad applied so as to press on a body part
constipation infrequent, difficult passage of dry feces
convulsion uncontrolled, violent muscle contraction
cortisone anti-inflammatory hormone used in arthritis treatment
cropping controversial cosmetic surgical procedure that removes large portions of a dog's ear
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
disinfectant agent that destroys infection
dissociative agent anesthetic that chemically dissociates (separates out) perceptions of pain
docking controversial cosmetic surgical procedure to remove portions of a dog's tail
dyspnea difficult breathing
emesis regurgitation (vomiting)
endotracheal intubatio placement of a tube through the trachea
enema injection of liquid through anus to empty the intestine
endogenous originating from within the organism
epiphysis part of bone where growth occurs; often site of breakage in young animals
euthanasia merciful, painless killing of an injured or ill animal
exogenous originating from outside the organism
external occurring on the outside
fracture break in bone; rupture
halitosis bad breath
Heimlich maneuver procedure to remove obstruction from the windpipe of a choking victim
hematocrit a laboratory procedure to determine the level of red blood cells in the blood
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hypnotic trancelike state produced without drugs; drug that causes hypnotic state
immunity ability to resist disease
incision cut made in the body
inhalant medication breathed in
internal occurring on the inside
laceration torn and ragged
leptospirosis infectious disease that dogs are routinely vaccinated against
lethargic sluggish
luxation dislocation
mastitis inflammation of the breast
neutralize counteract the effect of
palpate examine by touch
parainfluenza viral infection of the respiratory tract that dogs are routinely vaccinated against
parasite organism living on or in another organism
pathology abnormality (disease) of the body's anatomy and physiology
pneumonic pasteurellosis infection of the lumps found in cattle
polydipsia excessive thirst
polyphagia excessive appetite
polyuria exessive urination
prolapse slipping of a body part from its usual location
puncture wound made with pointed object
pyelonephritis inflammation of the kidney and pelvis due to bacteria infection
rabies acute infectious viral disease of the central nervous system
radiograph x-ray photograph
radiology the use of radiant energy (x-rays) in diagnosis and treatment
reduction returning of broken bones to correct position
rupture tearing of tissue
sedative tranquilizing (calming) drug
serology tests using blood serum
smear material spread on a microscopic slide for examination
specimen small amount of a body fluid used in laboratory tests
sterile free from microorganisms
stimulant drug that produces increased body functions
superficial near the surface
surgery operative or manual procedure to correct a health condition
symptom indication of the presence of disease
toxic poisonous
toxoplasmosis disease that can infect cats and humans; it is usually without symptoms in adults but can cause defects in fetuses
vaccine artificial immunization agent
zoonosis disease of animals that can be transmitted to humans
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