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NASM-CPT Ch.14 2013

Integrated Program Design and the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) Model

What is a purposeful system or plan put together to help an individual achieve a specific goal? Program Design
intensity, reps, rest, sets, tempo, training frequency, training duration, exercise selection. Acute Variables
What is the principle of specificity? The body will adapt to the demands placed on it.
How many reps are needed to achieve muscular endurance? 12 - 20 reps
How many reps are necessary to achieve hypertrophy 6 - 12 reps
How many reps are necessary for Maximal strength 1 - 5
Continuous Repetitions Set
How many sets for muscular endurance? 1 - 3 sets
How many sets for Hypertrophy adaptations? 3 - 5 sets
How many sets for maximal strength adaptation? 4 - 6 sets
How many sets for power adaptations? 3 - 6 Sets
What is an individuals level of effort compared with their maximal effort, which is usually expressed as a percentage? Training Intensity
How can a holistic approach to created an integrated system change things? Changing the stabilization can increase the training the training intensity because it requires greater motor unit recruitment, which leads to greater caloric expenditure.
What intensity is needed to obtain muscular endurance? 50 - 70% or 1 RM
What intensity is needed to obtain Hypertrophy? 75 - 85% or 1 RM
what intensity is needed to obtain Maximal strength adaptations? 85 - 100% of 1 RM
What intensity is needed to obtain high -velocity adaptations 30 - 45 % of 1 RM when using conventional weight training, or approximately 10% of body weight when using medicine balls
What is the speed with which the rep is performed? Repetition Tempo
What tempo do you need for a muscular endurance? slow repetitions
What tempo do you need to achieve hypertrophy? moderate tempo
What tempo do you need for maximal strength? explosive tempo
What tempo do you need for power? fast or explosive temp that can be safely controlled.
What is the time taken to recuperate between sets? Rest interval
How long should the rest period be for muscular endurance? short rest periods
How long should the rest period be for hypertrophy? short rest periods
How long should the rest period be for maximal strength adaptations? Long rest periods
How long should the rest period be for Power adaptations? 3 - 5 minutes
What are the factors for the appropriate rest intervals? Training experience, training intensity, tolerance of short rest periods, muscle mass, general fitness level, training goals, nutritional status, recoverablity
What is the total amount of work performed within a specified time? Training Volume
Training volume is based on: Training phase, Goals, Age, Work capacity or training status, recoverability, nutritional status, injury history, life stress
The number of training sessions performed during a specified period of time. Training Frequency (optimal is 3 - 5 periods a day)
Length of time of the workout or the length spent in one phase of training. Training Duration
The process of choosing appropriate exercises for a client's program. Exercise Selection
The specific ouline, created by a fitness professional to meet a clients goals, that details the form training, length of time, future changes, and specific exercises to be performed Periodization
In Periodization an annual plan is a? Macrocycle
In Periodization an monthly plan is a? Mesocycle
In Periodization a weekly plan is a? Microcycle
The goal of the stabilization phase is Endurance and stability
The goal of the strength phase is strength, hypertrophy and maximal strength. The means is volume and load
The goal of the power phase is power from speeed
Which phase is strength endurance? phase 2: stability and instability i.e. bench press (stable) with bosu (instable) medium rest
Which phase is hypertorphy phase 3, maximal muscle growth, high volume, minimal rest periods
Which phase is the maximal training phase? phase 4, maximal strength training, increasing load, improves the recruitment of more motor units, rate of force production, motor unit synchronization
Which phase increases the rate of force production. Power
What is force X velocity? power
Which phase combines a strength exercise with a power exercise? Power
How long should a client stay in a phase? 4 weeks