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NASM-CPT CH.12 2013

Speed, Agility and Quickness Training

Velocity of distance covered divided by time is, or ability to move the body in one intended direction as fast as possible: Speed
Short bursts of movement that invole a change of movement direction, cadence or speed is? Agility
The ability to react to a stimulus and appropriately change the motion of the body is: Quickness
The number of strides taken in a give amount of time is? Stride Rate
The distance covered with each stride is? Stride Length
. . . involves triple flexion of the ankle, knee, and hip in appropriate synchrony. Frontside Mechanics
. . . involves triple extension of the ankle, knne and hip in appropriate synchrony. This is associated with stronger push, including hip-knee extension, gluteal contraction and backside arm drive. Backside Mechanics
What are the kenetic chain checkpoints during running movements? Foot Ankle complex, knee complex, lumbo-pelvic-hip complex, head
3 Reasons that SAQ is great for youth are? decrease the likelihood of athletic injury, increase the likelihood of exercise participation later in life, and improve physical fitness.
Red Light Green Light and Follow the Snake are Examples of SAQ for ? youth
When designing a SAQ program for weight loss, what is the primary focus? To keep the heart rate elevated to increase fat oxidation and caloric expenditure
What type of training burns more subcutaneous fat that long-duration, low to moderate intensity endurance training. High intensity interval training
What is loss of bone density? Osteopenia
This is a SAQ for who? In a line 10 - 15 yards long, place various size cones, hurdles and objects about 24 inches apart. Participants line up sideways to the line of objects and step over each, moving down the line and then back to the start. Varied Size Cone/Hurdle Step-Overs for Seniors
What is this called? The participant is seated in a chair. Two cones are placed one in front, and one in back of the chair. participant does two 8's Stand-Up Figure 8 for seniors
Box drills and Agility Ladder Drills are a part of: SAQ
What are the 5 areas of the fitness template? Warm-up, Core/Balance/Plyometric