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The Animal Welfare Act Govern the sale, handling, transport, and use of animals; set standards for animals in education, research, and exhibition
Institutional Animal Care Use and Committee (IACUC) Responsible for all aspects of animal use, education, health, and compliance with all laws; review protocols and approve or deny them; insure appropriate sedation, analgesia, and anesthesia are being used.
The Guide Primary reference on animal care and use; detailed info on all aspects of biomedical research facilities
Public Health Services Specific policies on use and care of vertebrate animals in research and education; requires euthanasia be humane if necessary
EPA Administers laws that protect human health and the environment
Consumer Product Safety Enforces regulations contained in teh Federal Hazardous Substances Act
Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care Private nonprofit organization that promotes the humane treatment of animals in sciene.
What is an intrinsic factor? Coming from within; predetermined
What is an extrinsic factor? Coming from outside the body
What are the three "R's" of research? Reduction, Refinement, Replacement
What is allogrooming? Grooming of each other
Why is allogrooming important? It helps with the bonding experience
What type of studies do we commonly use opossums for and why? Embryonic studies: We can see teh babies in the pouch
Whats the difference between swine and a pig? Size
What does "armadillo" mean? little armored thing
What types of studies do we commonly use bats for? Echolocation and blood flow
Best way to restrain a ferret? Scruff
Best way to restrain a guinea pig? Under front legs and support rear
How can we tell the difference between a male and female hamster without looking at the anogenital region? males are rounder, females are pointed
how do we commonly euthanize small rodents? cardiac stick
why is it important to make sure that we are completely cleaning the sipper tubes in guinea pigs cages? they will junk it up with food preventing them to be able to drink
Slobbers is a disease that guinea pigs get, what causes this? malocclusions of molars
what is the test that we run on primates at least 5 times before releasing them from quarantine? T.B.
What is the Harderian gland and what does it do? extra lacrimal gland that produces red tears in times of illness and stress
When a client calls and wants to bring their bird into the clinic, what is the most important thing to tell them. Bring them in asap. Bird visits are always an emergency
When trimming a birds feet, what do we use to make the bleeding stop? Quick stop
When restraining chickens what is the best way to do it? hold the wings down and against your body like you are holding a football
How do gerbils get most of their water Through their food
Where are mongolian gerbils native too? harsh desert climates
Why do we have to make sure that gerbils have secure lids? they jump and escape
why do gerbils need deep bedding? they burrow to sleep
Where is the basilic vein found on the bird? ventral surface of teh wing
which of the following is a protozoan parasite that may be found on a crop wash trichomonas
which site is most commonly used for blood collection in turtles? jugular vein
which is the most common site used for IM injections in snakes? Cranial epaxial muscles
an adult female ferret with a swollen vulva and hair loss most likely has which disorder? Hyperadrenocorticism
Ferrets should be vaccinated against which diseases? Canine distemper and rabies
which mite is most commonly affects the fur of rabbits? Cheyleitella
The main responsibility of a vet tech in the research lab? prevent disease in animals for which they provide care, and control factors that predispose animals to certain diseases
what is part of intrinsic stress? age, species, gender
what is part of extrinsic stress? temperature, noise, ventilation
Describe basic research advancing fundamental knowledge of physical, chemical, and functional mechanisms of life processes and diseases; usually conducted on computer models or plants
describe applied research Use of knowledge for solving a specific biomedical problems and is often directed toward objectives such as development of new vaccines or surgical procedures
describe clinical research research always conducted on live animals; including humans
the purpose of the Animal Welfare Act to set standards for animals in education, research, and exhibition and to protect animal owners
the purpose of IACUC responsible for all aspects of animal use, education, health and compliance with all laws adn regulations; reviews protocols
purpose of the guide primary reference on animal care and use; detailed info on all aspects of biomedical research
purpose of the FDA enforces a number of laws designed to protect the health and safety of the general public
purpose of the USDA required to enforce the animal welfare act, make sure you keep accurate records and inspections annually
purpose of the EPA administer laws that protect human health adn environment
purpose of the public health policy make specific policies on use and care of vertebrate animals in research and education
purpose of the consumer product safety commission enforces regulations contained in the federal hazardous substances act or any product that can cause injury or harm to humans
3 "R's" of Research Reduction, refinement, replacement
what is the purpose of reduction the goal of reduction is to use the absolute fewest number of animals that will reach the research goals
what is the purpose of refinement requires that the experimental procedure be chosen that causes the least amount of stress, pain, anxiety, and disturbances of normal life
what is the purpose of replacement research that uses lower forms of life, computer models or other artificial means whenever possible
Believes that the government should write laws that express the sentiments of most of the population, and that these laws should be carried to the letter regardless of pressure from groups who believe the laws are unfair Animal Control Groups
Believes that animals were put on this earth for use by human beings; believe animals are our absolute property; they don't conceive pain like we do and it is not a concern animal exploitation groups
believe that people should treat each animal as kindly as possible and that they should be required to do so by law; is mistreated or neglected and believe we have a duty to relieve its suffering animal welfare groups
believe that animals should not be forced to work or produce for our benefit in any way. PETA animal liberation groups
believe that animals are here for use of human beings but that we must be responsible about that use; lab workers, people who eat meat and wear leather, hunting/fishing, and breeders animal use groups
believe that animals have intrinsic rights that should be guaranteed just the way human rights are guaranteed; this includes not being killed, eating, used for sport or reseach animal rights groups
what is the purpose of cage washing rooms? to wash cages and to keep the animal rooms cleaner and minimize teh spread of disease
what is a metabolism cage used for? catching urine for measurement
what animal in research needs the most environmental enrichment? non human primates
gnotobiology is the study of? an animal with completely known flora and fauna
what does axenic mean? without germs
which biosafety level deals with scary stuff like ebola and anthrax? level 4
what are ischial callosities? keratin pads on their butts
why are primates not commonly used in research? expensive, difficult to house, injury to workers, carry dangerous zoonotic diseases
how long is the quarantine period usually for primates? 60 days
all primates have visible external genitalia except for? spider monkeys
what is the typical weaning age of primates? 6-8 months
do primates have a dietary requirement for vitamin C? Yes
What is the safest type of restraint when dealing with primates? Chemical
Shingellosis is a form of? gastroenteritis
campylobacter is a form of gastroenteritis
salmonella is a form of gastroenteritis
pseudotuberculosis is a form of upper respiratory
What disease takes a year to fully develop and show signs, it is zoonotic and has no cure Tuberculosis
what form of herpes virus causes malignant lymphoma in primates? herpes simplex-1
which hepatitis is known as the "infectious Hepatitis" hep A
which hepatitis is known as the "serum hepatitis" Hep B
if primates get measles we commonly treat them with what? steroids, sedatives and antibiotics
What is the scientific name for the chinchilla chinchilla langier
chinchillas are commonly used in research fo? hearing studies
in the 1940's and 50's chinchillas were used to develop which vaccine? cholera
the scientific name for the woodchuck is marmota monax
woodchucks are commonly used in research for? liver studies
what is the scientific name of the armadillo? dasypus novemcinctus
what do we research with armadillos? human leprosy
the scientific name for swine/pigs? sus scrofa
pigs are used for ? wound healing, cardiac studies and surgeries
scientific name of goats? capra hircus
scientific name of sheep? ovis aries
scientific name of cows from europe? bos taurus
scientific name of cows from india bos indicus
sheep and goats are commonly used for? fracture repair, orthopediccs, blood transfusions
another name for the zoonotic disease of sheep called "contagious ecthyma" orf
what study are horses commonly used in? prostate cancer
what is the scientific name for the opossum didelphis virginiana
what do we study opossums for? semi embryonic studies
difference between amphibians and reptiles? amphibians require full water, reptiles require little to no water
similarity between amphibians and reptiles they eat insects and are ectotherms
what is another name for turtles? chelonians
why do fish make such great animal models? because there are over 20,000 species
the scientific name for the hamster mesocricetus auratus
the genus and species name for the gerbil meriones ungulculatus
the scientific name for the guinea pig cavia porcellus
the sex of juvenile guinea pigs is determined by? palpation of the pelvic region
lab animal species most likely to experience dystocia? guinea pigs
what zoonotic viral disease of primates produces a mild disease wiith ulcers on the mucous membranes and tongue in its natural host the macaca herpes b
which lab animal hibernates hamster
the gestation period, estrous cycle, and average litter size for hamsters 16 days, 4-5 days, and 5-9 young
the gestation period,estrous cycle and average litter size for gerbils 24 days, 4-5 days, 4-5 young
difference between front and rear feet of a guinea pig front 4 claws, back 3 claws
which animals have a postpartum estrus hamsters, gerbils, guinea pigs, mice, rats
characteristics of ferrets stink, shiney things, high energy, like socks, poop in corners,
what animal are ferrets closely related to skunks
what is Tyzzer's disease caused by? bacillus piliformis
what disease is guinea pigs causes a rough haircoat, lymphadenopathy, +/- enlargement of the spleen and liver? cavian leukemia
what is another name for pododermatitis and how is it caused? bumble foot, wire cages/feces
muscular dystrophy is caused by Vitamin E deficiency
what is an antibiotic toxicity when antibiotics kills off good bacteria, allowing bad to grow
how long do hamsters hibernate and what are the 3 things that cause them to go into hibernation? 3 days, temp, light, and decreased diet
what is another name for proliferative ileitis wet tail
what 2 animals that we learned about so far are resistant to radiation hamsters and gerbils
what animals help the female raise the young? gerbils and chinchillas
Scientific name of Rabbits Oryctolagus cuniculus
Scientific genus of Hares Lepus
Scientific genus of Cotton tail bunny Sylvilagus
normal body temp of bunnies 101.3-104 deg f.
normal heartrate of rabbits 180-250
normal resp rate of bunnies 30-60 breaths/min
sexual maturity of rabbits? 22-52 weeks
breeding life male of bunnies 60-72months
breeding life female bunnies 24-36 months
Female and male rabbits are called? Males: bucks Females: Does
Baby rabbits are called? kits
what are the second set of upper incisors in rabbits called? peg or wolf teeth
What are rabbit neutrophils called? and why Heterophils they stain red
Can rabbits vomit? why or why not? No, their esophagus only works one way
Explain the reproductive system of a female rabbit? uterus is duplex with 2 cervixes and 2 cervical orifices. no uterine body,
What are rabbits used for in research? atherosclerosis, antibody production studies, eye irritant testing
how do you determine sex of rabbits? push along genital opening, males testicles are on their stomach.
is pseudopregnancy common in rabbits? yes
Behavior characteristics of bunnies excellent pets, rarely bite, easily trained to use litter box, can become agressive in groups, females will fight, do have hierarchies, nocturnal, squeal, communicate via scent, touch, thumping (signs of danger)
Name of hair balls in rabbits Trichobezoars
gestation, estrus and litter size for Rabbits 30-33 days,??, 4-12 kits
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