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sm animal 2013

Vet tech

What does the I in the saying learned to ask clients in exam? Intestinal Parasites
What does the DONT stand for in the saying learned to ask clients during exam? Diet
What does the HAVE stand for in the saying learned in class? Heartworms
What does ANY stand for in the saying learned? Altering or fixed
What does the BEST mean in the saying learned in class? Behavior
What does FRIENDS mean in the saying learned in class? FeLV / FIV
What does the WITH mean from the saying learned in class? Weight
What does the VERY mean in the saying learned in class? vaccines
What does the FUNNY mean in the saying? Fleas
What does the TOES mean in the saying? Ticks
passive immunity is immunity AQUIRED from the MOTHER through the 1st milk during NURSING.
colostrum first milk
what does the colostrum contain? contains antibodies that protct the younge against dieses.
AQUIRED IMMUNITY EXTERNAL envirament by being exposed to antigens. then their bodies make antibodies to go against the antigens
what do the vaccines give to the animals? produce humoral B-cells circulating antibodies and/or cell medicate lymphocytes T-cells.
VIRUS is a submicroscopic infectious agent that is unable to grow or reproduce outside a host cell
FeLV feline leukemia
retrovirus incorporates genetic material into host DNA and can cause certain cancers in cats
Testing for FeLV? ELISA - can be performed on site at office and IFA which is sent out to another lab.
What does FeLV do to cats? affects the body in many ways most commonly is cancer, blood disorders, immune deficiency
what are signs of FeLV? loss of appetite, slow, weight loss, poor coat conditions, lymphnodes enlarge,fever, pale gums, diarrhea, ect...
FIV feline imunodeficiency virus
What is FIV slow virus, same retrovirus family as FeLV
how is FIV transmitted? biting, free roaming, aggressive male cats, can be transmitted through the mother cat to her kittens by passing through the birth canal.
Created by: Jessica vet