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NASM CPT- Ch.1 2013

The Scientific Rationale for Integrated Training

What is a muscle imbalance? Alteration of muscle length surrounding a joint.
What is obesity? The condition of being overweight, and refers to a person with a BMI of 30 or greater or who is at least 30 pounds over the recommended weight for their height.
What is "overweight" This refers to a person with a BMI of 25 to 29.9 or who is between 25 - 30 pounds over the recommended weight for their height.
What are blood lipids? They are another name for cholesterol and triglycerides, blood lipids are carried in the bloodstream by protein molecules know as high-density lipoproteins (HDL) and low-density lipoproteins (LDL).
What are the equations to figure a BMI? BMI = 703 X weight (lb)/height (in) squared or BMI = weight(kg)/height (m) squared
What is diabetes? Chronic metabolic disorder caused by insulin deficiency, which impairs carbohydrate usage and enhances usage of fats and proteins.
What is diabetes Type 1? referred to as juvenile diabetes, result of the pancreas not producing insulin.
What is diabetes Type 2? is associated with obesity, especially abdominal, 90 - 95% of obesity, produce adequate amounts of insulin but, their cells are resistant and do not allow insulin to bring glucose into the cell.
What is the minimum recommended amount of physical activity? 30 minutes for 5 days a week
What is the percentage of adults with low back pain 80%. - seen in people who sit for longer than 3 hours.
What are the most common muscular dysfunctions? Low back pain, knee injuries, and Musculoskeletal Injuries.
What is the definition of deconditioned? A state of lost physical fitness, which may include muscle imbalances, decreased flexibility and a lack of core and joint stability.
What is proprioception? The cumulative sensory input to the central nervous system from all mechanoreceptors that sense body position and limb movement.
What is a proprioceptively enriched environment? An unstable (yet controllable) physical situation in which exercises are performed that causes the body to use its internal balance and stabilization.
What is the OPT model an integrated, progressisve systme that includes flexiblity training, cardiorespiratory training;core training; balance training; plyometric training; speed, agility, and quickness training; and resistance training.
What are the 3 phases of the OPT model? Stabilization, Strength, and Power
Muscular Endurance A muscles' ability to contract for an extended period of time.
Neuromuscular Efficiency The ability of the neuromscular system to enable all muscles to efficiently work together in all planes of motion.
How can Stabilization and neuromuscular efficiency be obtained? by having the appropriate combination of proper alignment and the stabilization strength necessary to maintain that alignment.
What are the goals of the stabilization phase? Improve muscular endurance, enhance joint stability, increase flexibility, enhance control of posture, improve neuromuscular efficiency
What are the training strategies for the stabilization endurance training? Training in unstable, yet controllable environments, Low loads, high repetitions.
What is the emphasis of the strength training phase? To maintain stabilizing endurance while increasing prime mover strength.
What level of the OPT is correct if a person wants to increase muscle size (hypertrophy)or maximal strength (lifting heavy loads)? Strength level
What is a superset? Set of two exercises that are performed back-to-back, without any rest time between them.
What is a Prime Mover? The muscle that acts as the initial and main source of motive power.
What is the goal of phase 2, or the strength endurance training? to enhance stabilization endurance while increasing prime mover strength.
How does one increase stabilization endurance while increasing prime mover strength? perform two exercises in a superset with similar jount dynamics. 1st is a traditional strength, and second is a stabilization exercise performed in a less stable environment.
Why superset a strength exercise followed by a stabilization exercise? to work the prime movers predominately in the first exercise to elicit prime mover strength and then challenge stabilization. This produces an increased ability to maintain postural stabilization and dynamic joint stabilization
In which phase would you superset a strength training exercise and a stability exercise? Phase 2 - strength
what are the goals of the strength level training? Improve stabilization endurance and increase prime mover strength, improve overall work capacity, enhance joint stabilization, increase lean body mass
How does on accomplish the goals of strength endurance training? Moderate loads and repetitions (8 - 12), superset: one traditional strength exercise and one stabilization exercise per body part.
What are the goals of the hypertrophy training? Achieve optimal levels of muscular hypertrophy (increase muscle size)
How wer you increase muscle size? High volume, moderate to high loads, moderate to low reps
Which two phases are optional, depending on the clients goals? Phase 3 (increase muscle size- body building), and 4 (max strength training - Olympic lifting)
What are the goals of the strength training? increase motor unit recruitment, increase frequency of motor unit recruitment, improve peak force
How will a client achieve his/her goals with strength training? High loads, low repetitions, longer rest periods.
What two levels need to be completed before entering the Power Level? Stabilization and strength
Which level develops speed and power? Power level, known as phase 5 or Level 3
What is the rate of force production? ability of muscles to exert maximal force output in a minimal amount of time.
Which two exercises are superset in the power phase? traditional strength exercise (with a heavy load) and a power exercise (with a light load performed as fast as possible)of similar joint dynamics
Which phase aims to enhance prime mover strength while improving the rate of force production? Power Phase
What are the goals of the power training phase? enhance neuromuscular efficiency, enhance prime mover strength, increase rate of force production
What are the training strategies for the power phase? Superset:one strength and one power exercise per body part in the resistance training portion of the program,perform all exercises as fast as can be controlled
What would be an example of a superset in the power phase for the chest? Incline dumbbell press - medicine ball chest pass
What would be an example of a superset in the power phase for the Back? Lat Pulldown machine, soccer throw
What would be an example of a superset in the power phase for the Shoulders? overhead dumbbell press, front medicine ball oblique throw
What would be an example of a superset in the power phase for the legs? Barbell squat, squat jump
What would be an example of a superset in the strength phase for the chest? barbell bench press, stability ball push-up
What would be an example of a superset in the strength phase for the Back? seated cable row, stabililty ball dumbbell row
What would be an example of a superset in the strength phase for the Shoulders? Shoulder Press machine, Single-leg dumbbell press
What would be an example of a superset in the strength phase for the legs? Leg press, single-leg squat