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Summer PE 101

Summer PE 2013

What does FIT stand for? Frequency, Intensity, and Time
What is your target heart rate zone? What your heart rate should be when you exercise
What is isotonic execise? When you move your muscles through a full range of motion
What does the body's primary source of energy come from? Carbohydrates
What is lean body mass made up of? (4) Muscle, bone, ligaments, and tendons
Too much body fat can cause...? (3) high blood pressure, heart disease, surgery risk
Why do females not build muscle mass as quickly as males? Because males have testosterone
What is the difference between muscular strength and muscular endurance? The amount of weight and the number of repetitions
What is muscular strength? The ability of muscles to exert a force one time
What is muscular endurance? A type of muscular fitness that is developed by low resistace and high repetions
What is heart disease frequently related to? High levels of cholesterol
What kind of influence does media have on body image? Negative
What is the formula the calculate maximum heart rate? 220 - age
What is specifity? Doing an exercise for a specific muscle, muscle group, or body part
How do you measure target heart rate? 220 - age - resting heart pulse x 60% + resting pulse
True or false: height and weight charts can be misleading? True
Cooling down helps muscles from getting what? Sore
What is the most serious heat related illness? Heat Stroke
What is hypothermia? Excessive decline in body temperature
What is the primary cause of cardiovascular disease? The buildup of fatty deposits on the artery walls
What is cardiovascular fitness? The ability of the heart, blood, blood vessels, and the respiratory system to supply oxygen necessary to fuel muscles during exercise
What is a normal range for a resting heart rate? 50-100 beats per minute
Name 3 skill related components Speed, balance, and reaction time
As you grow older, what does your flexibilty do? It decreases
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