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Chapter 8 / GEN 241

Cultural Appreciation

What is "The Political" power is the ability to exercise one's will over others; authority is the socially approved use of power.
what sre small kin-based groups traditionally found among foragers. Bands
what is associated with nonintensive food production and incorporate villages and/or descent groups but lack a formal government and social classes Tribes
the____________is a form of sociopoliticated organization that is intermediate between the tribe and the state, still kin based, but characterized by a permanent political structure with some degree of differential access to resources. cheifdom
the_______ is characterized by its having a formal government and the presence of social classes state
who is an economic type or tends to have a band organization, and is a sociopolitical type? forgers
what 2 groups tend to have a tribal organization? horticulturalist and pastoralists
these people tend to have either cheifdom or state organization. agriculaturalists
foraging economies are usually associated with which type of socialpolotical organization? band
kottak prefers the term SOCIOPOLITICAL ORGANIZATION to morton fried's term POLITICAL ORGANIZATION in discussing the regulation of management or interrelations among groups and their representatives because, Fried's definition is much less applicable to nonstates, in which it is often difficult to detect any public policy.
which of the following was NOT used by the traditional Inuit to handle disputes? Courts of Law
TRUE or FALSE political leaders in foraging bands have no means of forcing people to follow their decisions. TRUE
tribal societies, which are typically organized by village life or membership in descent groups, tend to be egalitarian. however, egalitarianism diminishes as village size and population density increase.
in the context of tribal societies, what is a "big man"? a person who creates his reputation through entepreneurship and generosity to others
how does the big man increase his satus? big men do not keep wealth they accumulate; instead, they redistribute it to create and maintain alliances with political supporters.
TRUE or FALSE. A big mans position depends on inherited inequity FALSE
what is an age set a group uniting all men or women born during a certain span of time
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