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Chapter 10 / GEN 241

Cultural Appreciation

Understanding kinships systems is an important part of anthropology because. kinship ties are important to the people anthropologist study: they are a key component of peoples everyday social relations.
What is the name of the family in which a child is raised? The family of orientation
what is the name of the postmarital residence pattern in which the married couple is expected to establish its own home? Neolocality
In North America, the realitively high incidence of expanded family housholds in the lower class is, am important strategy the urban poor use to adapt to poverty.
What ar the 2 basic social units of foraging societies? the nuclear family and the band
A unilineal descent group whose members demonstrate their common descent from an apical ancestor is a(n)? lineage
what term refers to the kind of descent in which people choose the descent group that they join? Ambilineal
what postmarital residence rule is most often found in socities with lineal kinship terminologies? Neolocal
Anthropologists are intrested in kinship calculation, which is the system by which people in a society reckon their kin relationships.
what does it mean that kinship, like race, is culturally constructed? some genealogical kin are conisidered to be relatives whereas others are not, and the rules underlying such considerations vary across cultures.
what does ego stand for? the point of refrence used to determine which kin terms go where
anthropologists distinguish between kin terms and genealogical kin types. what is the difference? kin terms are the words used for different relatives in particular language, but genealogical kin types refer to the actual genealogical relationship.
what kind of kinship is most common in the contemporary US? Bilateral Kinship
in what kind of kinship calculation are kin ties traced equally through males and females? Bilateral
Kinship terminology is a classification system, a taxonomy or typology. More generally, a taxonomic system is based on how people perceive similarities and differences in the things being classified.
what makes up ego's nuclear family of orientation? parents and siblings
what is the most common system of kinship classification used in the US? Lineal
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