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NASM CPT: Ch.18 2013


What is a dietary supplement? A substance that completes or makes an addition to daily dietary intake.
With age, do the needs for protein, vitamins and minerals drop with age? No, only calories.
What does DRI stand for? Dietary Reference Intakes and what constitutes an adequate intake of an nutrient.
What does EAR stand for? The average daily nutrient intake level that is estimated to meet the requirement of half the healthy individuals who are in a particular life stage and gender group.
What does RDA stand for? The average daily nutrient intake level that is SUFFICIENT to meet the nutrient requirement of nearly all (97% - 98%)healthy individuals who are in a particular life stage and gender group.
What does AI stand for? A recommended average daily nutrient intake level. This measure is used when RDA cannot be determined. It is based on observed or predetermined approximations or estimates of nutrient intake that are assumed to be adequate for a group of healthy people.
What does UL stand for? The highest average daily nutient intake level likely to pose no risk of adverse health affects.As intake increases above the UL, the potential risk of adverse health effects increases.
What is the goal for a in designing a healthy diet? To provide nutrients at levels that represent high probability of adequate intake (meeting RDA or AI) and a low probability of excessive intake (not exceeding UL)
Which two vitamins and minerals are set from pharmacologic sources and not dietary intake? Magnesium and vitamin E
Macronutrients carb, fat and protein are expressed in: grams (macronutrients)
Vitamins, minerals, amino Acids and fatty acids are generally expressed in milligram (micronutrients)
And excess of what can cause kidney stones Calcium
And excess intake of what mineral can interfere with the absorption of other minerals iron
People on blood thinners should not be supplemented with Vitamins what and What? K and E
SUL is an acronym for Safe Upper Level for Vitamins and Minerals
Which Vitamins should be less than 100% DV? Vitamin A,
Which mineral should not be in a multivitamin? Calcium
Why should Calcium not be in a multi-vitamin? 1. a pill would be to large to take 100% or RDA, 2. absorption is best sporadically through the day, 3. excess calcium consumed with other minerals can decrease the absorption of some important trace minerals
Which 4 nutrients are people most likely to consume excessive amounts in? Vitamin A, D, Iron and Zinc
Ergogenic means work generating, or enhancing athletic performance.
What is the safe dose of Creatine? 2 - 5 g per day.
What is the dosage of caffeine? 3 - 5 mg
Androstenedione is used to convert . . . testosterone or estrogens to boost testosterone levels in men.
Androgenic Anabolic Steroids are drugs designed to mimic the effects of testosterone. Problems with these drugs as that they early closure of the growth plates in bones and stunt the development of normal height.
The three questions one should ask when using a ergogenic aid . . . Does it work? Is it safe, and Is it ethical and legal?