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Dang Parasites

Ms Lew

What are three differences between Dirfilaria and Dipetalonema? Difil: Dipet: -is longer -shorter -Tapered Head -blunt head -straight tail -hooked tail
What is the Pre-patent period for Dipylidium? 2-3 weeks/ 14-21 days
Pre-patent period for hooks? 2 weeks/ 14 days
Pre-patent period for whips? 90 days/ 3months/ 12 weeks
Pre-patent period for Taenia? 1-2 months/ 4-8 weeks/ 30-60 days
Pre-patent period for rounds? Dog 1 month (Toxocara canis) Cat 2 months (Toxocara cati) Toxascaris 2.5 months
What is the zoonotic tapeworm? Echinococcus
What is the zoonotic roundworm? Baylisascaris Visceral Larvel Migrans (Toxocara)
What is the zoonotic hookworm? Ancylostoma
How many eggs can an adult hookworm lay per day? 20,000 eggs/day
Eggs per roundworm per day? 200,000
Eggs per whipworm per day? 2,000
What is the normal intermediate host of Taenia? Rabbits/Rodents
How are roundworms spread? orally or in-utero (transplacental)
How are whipworms spread? orally
What is the transmission or intermediate host of Dipylidium? Fleas
How are hookwroms spread? orally or in-utero (transmammory)or cutaneous
For how long are roundworms in the L3 infective stage? 2-4 weeks
How long are hookworms in the infective stage? 1 week
How long are whipworms in the infective stage? 2-4 weeks
For how long are Taenia and Dipylidum in the infective stage? They have an indirect life cycle so it depends on the host
What kind of life cycle do rounds, hooks, and whips all have? Direct life cycle
What is a direct life cycle? When the parasite only requires one host to infect inorder to continue on through its life cycle
Indirect life cycle? A parasite requires more than one host to proceed through its life cycle
How must an adult tapeworm be killed? destroy the scolex
How would you kill a proglotid? smash the egg by using two slides and crushing the egg in between
Where do tapeworms mature into an adult? small intestine
What is the Phylum of tapeworms? Platyhelminthes
Why do you need a fresh fecal sample? Some worms like tapeworms can crawl away from feces
What is the genis name for whipworm? Trichuris vulpis
Where does the adult whipworm live? In the colon and cecum
How does the whipworm damage the host? It secrets enzymes that enable it to digest hosts tissues causing damage to the mucosa: they suck blood causing foul-smelling diaherra (Frank blood)
How long does it take for whipworm eggs to develop into larvae? 2-4 weeks
How are whipworms able to survive in the environment? thick outer egg shell
Where does the whipwrom encyst before it becomes an adult? small intestines
True or False: Re-infection of whipworm is common True
What are some clinical signs of whipworm? Cyclic diarrhea with mucus and blood dehydration possilby anemia (signs similar to coccidia)
True or False: Whipworm ova are normally very quick to float False, allow 20 mins for flotation
What is the definition of Anthemintics? An agent destructive to worms
How to treat for whipworms? Use shot-gun dewormers and deworm every 90 days
What zoonotic potential do whipworms have? None
What is the genis name for hookworm? Ancylostoma and the less common Uncinaria
Describe the appreance of a hookworm 1/4 of an inch, reddish brown, anterior end is bent like a hook
Where do hookworms live? in the mucosa of the small intestine (duodenum)
How do hookworms affect the host? They move about biting the wall of the small intestine and cause lesions (blood loss)
How long does it take a larve hookworm to develop? 12-24 hrs
What are the four types of clinical signs for hookworms? Peracute, acute, chronic, secondary
What are some clinical signs of hookworms? moderate to severe aneima, lethargic, diarrhea, low hematocrit, slow crt, pale mucus membranes
Why aren't some older animals affected by parasites? They have built up resistance/immunity
What treatment is used for hookworms? shot-gun anthelmintics, antibiotics, blood transfusion, and fluids
3 phrases describing hookworms plumbers itch, sandworms, creeping eruptions
What are three different genis types of roundworms? Toxocara canis Toxocara cati Toxascaris leonina
What is a common triat of roundworms? arrowhead and tapered tail
What are the four different migration routes of the roundworm? Tracheal, somatic, in utero, mucosal
Where do adult roundworms live? in the small intestines
What kinds of environmental conditions influence the larval growth of roundworms? heat, humidity, and soil ph
How can roundworms be orally ingested? containated food or water for humans, also manure, fomites, grass
How are roundworm ova able to survive traveling through the stomach when ingested? Their shell is protected from stomach acid
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