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View From Sat. Vocab

vocab from the view from saturday

Point of View: Definition The perspective from which a story is told; the voice telling the story
Point of View: Example Mrs. Olinski-third person Noah-first person
Simile: Definition Using like or as to compare two things
Simile: Example Trading coupons was like playing Go Fish
Allusion: Definition A usually brief often casual reference to some other person event or thing
Allusion: Example T.S Elliot, Alice in Wonderland, Mad Tea Party
Flashback: Definition A section of a novel that interrupts the chronological sequence of events to relate something that happened at an earlier time
Flashback: Example Noah at wedding, How Mrs. Olinski selected her team
Pun: Definition A play on words in which two different meanings for the same word, or two words that sound the same, are used humorously
Pun: Example I would be living in the state of divorce and New York
Foreshadowing: Definition Hints or suggestions about something that will occur later in the novel
Foreshadowing: Example Yet-to-come moment when Mrs. Olinski finally understands why she chose the members of her Academic Bowl Team
Decorum: Definition Dignified behavior, polite
Superb: Definition fine excellent extremely good
Domiciles: Definition home, place of residence
Bickering: Definition fighting
Courteous: Definition having or showing good manners
Hovered: Definition to keep lingering about wait near at hand
Trounce: Definition to beat severely to beat decisively
Protruding: Definition to project, to thrust forward
Podium: Definition a small platform
Incandescently: Definition intensely bright brilliant
Setting of the Story Epiphany and Albany NY
Ironic: Definition the contrast between what you expect to happen and what really happens
Acronym: Definition A word formed from the initial letters of other words
Calligraphy: Definition Decorative handwriting made by a pen or brush
Parents jobs Nadia- Dad is a accountant Mom is dentist hygienist Noah- Dad is a dentist Mom is a realtor Ethan- Mom and Dad farmers Julian- Dad chef and owns a B&B Mom was a chanteuse
Author E.L Konigsburg
Created by: yukon01



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