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Ag Mechanics unit 12

econcrete masonary term

sand and gravel that comprise the bulk of concrete Aggregate
an artificial stone-like material formed by combining aggregate, Portland cement, and water Concrete
a standard measure of concrete equal to 27 cubic feet Cubic yard
proper drying of concrete to assure maximum strength Curing
smoothing the surface of newly placed concrete Floating
a frame or mold that holds newly placed concrete until it has been set Form
anything constructed of brick, stone, tile, or concrete units held in place with Portland cement Masonry unit
a mixture of fine aggregate (sand), mortar cement, and water that is used as bonding material in masonry work Mortar
dry powder made by burning limestone and clay followed by grinding and mixing; used to make concrete Portland cement
material placed in new concrete to increase strength; steel rods and wire are placed in forms before the concrete is placed while other reinforcement material (such as fiberglass) is added as the concrete is being mixed Reinforced concrete
striking off exess concrete to create a smooth and level surface Screeding
a hand tool used in concrete and masonry work Trowel
the consistency of wet concrete when the various ingredients are mixed together correctly Workable mix
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