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final chapter 15

outlook commitment, challenge, perceived controll
healthy life style factors diet, exersice, protect from exposers, stress, sleep
presbyopia lens lose capacity to adjust to objects at varying distances
glaucoma middle aged- poor fluid drainage leads to buildup of pressure with in the eye, damaging the optic nerve
presbycusis age related- old hearing
climacteric midlife transition in which fertility declines
menopause end of menstruation and reproductive captivity
osteoporosis age related bone loss
type A behavior extreme competitive ambition impatience angry outbursts and sense of time pressure
hardiness control, commitment, and challlenge
crystallized intelligence The amount of information you obtain and the verbal skills you develop over time
fluid intelligence your ability to reason in an abstract way
neural network view neurons in the brain die and brain makes new synaptic connections
info loss view older adults experience greater loss of info as it moves through cog system so whole system slows to interprit info
practical problem solving people size up real world situations and analyze how to best achieve their goal
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