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Animal tech today

Main concern when handling cats 1.) Avoid being bitten or scratched. 2.)Cats are quick and agile and can bite or scratch in an instant.
Scratches can become what? Infected
Physical methods of restraint on a cat Your body restraining parts of the animals body.
Verbal method using words
Chemical methods pill or mediated
Towels They can help cats feel less threaten. Also protects the handler.
Towels are referred to? Kitty TACO or Kitty Burrito
Cat Bags are handy for? Grooming.
What is a cat bag? A bag you can put a cat into to trim nails and take blood out of the back legs.
A cat muzzle Covers the whole face. Controls the front legs so the cat can't scratch off the muzzle.
Cats feel relaxed when they can't do what? When they can't see.
Caution which the cat muzzle! Make sure the cat can breath freely.
Cats muzzle is particularly important with what breeds? Brachycephalic breeds
Scruffing? Is a commonly used method.
The scruff is _ on the neck. Loose on the back of the neck.
Description of scruffing. Grasp firmly with the fist of one hand on the back of the neck. Support the cat in some way to prevent injury.
Scruffing can cause the cat to become what? Trance-like
May have to hold the _ while scruffing. front legs with free hands to stop scratching.
Stretch technique step one: Scruff the cat.
Stretch technique step two: Place the cat in a
Created by: isology