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Vet 1250 Heart

Heart Review

Define cardio pertaining to heart
Define vascular pertaining to vessels
Define hematology study of blood
capillaries send blood to the tissues
Name the vessels in order aorta, artery, arteriole, capillary, veinule, vein, vena cava
pulmonary circulation is circulation between heart and lungs
systemic circulation is circulation from heart to body systems
What is the mediastinum the space between the lungs and heart
Where is the heart located in cats/dogs Between 3rd and 6th ribs
Where is the heart located in large animals Between 2nd and 6th ribs
Which layer of the heart is the pericardium The outermost
Which layer of the heart is the toughest outer fiberous
What are the two inner serous pericardium parietal and visceral pericardium
There is fluid between what two layers of the heart parietal and visceral pericardium
What are the three layers of the heart in order epicardium, myocardium, endocardium
Base of the heart is at the top or bottom of the organ top
Apex of the heart is at the top or bottom of the organ bottom
What are the auricles of the heart the ears of the heart (on either side of base)
What are the auricles called on the inside of the heart chambers
What is the groove that separates the two ventricles on the outside of the heart Interventricular sulci
What lies in the interventricular sulci Thick coronary artery and fat
What are the 2 upper chambers of the heart Atria
What are the two lower chambers of the heart ventricles
The atria walls are ___ and have ___ thin, low blood pressure
The ventricle walls are ___ and have ___ thick, high blood pressure
Arteries have ___ walls Thick
Veins have ___ walls thin
Which chamber of the heart is the thickest left ventricle
The largest vein Vena cava
The largest artery aorta
Arteries carry blood ___ away
Veins carry blood ___ toward
Pulmonary artery carries ___ from the heart to the lungs CO2 blood
Pulmonary veins carry ___ from the lungs to the heart O2
What is the function of the valves to prevent backflow
The right AV valve is also known as tricuspid
The left AV valve is also known as bicuspid
The bicuspid is also called the mitral valve
The pulmonary and aortic valves are also known as semilunar valves
What does the interventricular septum do separates the two ventricles
What are the strings that connect the valves to the heart muscle chordae tendonae
What connects the chordae tendonae to the interventricular septum papillary muscle
Name the three layers of the blood vessel wall tunica externa, tunica media, tunica intima
Which is the most important layer of the blood vessel walls tunica media
___ branch off of subclavian arteries cartoid arteries
___ branch off aorta toward thorassic limbs subclavian arteries
where does the aorta split at the hind limbs
The aorta splits at the hind limbs and forms illiac arteries
In systole the heart ___ contracts
In diastole the heart ___ relaxes
Stroke volume x heart rate is cardiac output
Normal heart rate for cats 140-220
Normal heart rate for dogs 60-120
Normal heart rate for horse 25-50
In systole which vales close AV valves
In diastole which valves close semilunar valves
Specialized area of cells in the right atrium that generate electrical impulses to trigger beating of heart SA node
The pacemaker of the heart SA node
cations pumped out of cell, sodium potassium pump creates imbalance. Sodium moves out, potassium moves in polarization
gates in cell wall open and cations flow back into cell to cause electrical current. Sodium comes in, potassium goes out depolarization
Repolarization SA node does this automatically
Uninque blood route through the liver. Assists with hemostasis of blood glucose Hepatic portal circulation
Blood enters through umbilical vein, through liver, to ductus veinosus fetal blood circulation
Allows blood to skip the lungs and go to aorta directly ductus arteriosus
opening between the right and left atrium foramen ovale
Lub- the long sound is made when __ AV valves close
Dub- the short sound is made when __ semilunar valves close
The sympathetic nervous system releases epinephrine
The parasympathetic nervous system releases acetylcholine
The sympathetic nervous system causes fight or flight
PQRST electrical potential
QRS action potential
P wave atrial depolarization
QRS wave ventricular depolarization
T wave repolarization of ventricles
What is the difference between action nerve potential and cardiac potential Heart has calcium, nerve does not
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