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Ag Metals

Unit 6: Advanced Oxyacetylene Welding and Cutting

an alkyne hydrocarbon gas that burns at a high temperature in the presence of an abundance of oxygen; often used in welding and cutting metal Acetylene
a loud pop in a torch that generally blows out the flame Backfire
a long round tank with heavy-duty walls to hold gases under pressure Cylinder
long thin rods used to add metal when brazing or welding Filler rod
a fire inside the torch handle that causes a squealing or hissing sound Flashback
a material used in metal work that removes corrosion, prevents corrosion, and promotes spread of molten solder on base metal Flux
a fluid substance without definite shape or volume that can expand indefinitely Gas
flexible line that serves as a conduit for gases or liquids Hose
a mixture of methylacetylene and propadiene gases with superior benefits for brazing, cutting, heating, and metallizing; a registered trade name held by Airco, inc. MAPPĀ® gas
a combination of combustible gas and nearly pure oxygen to produce a flame Oxyfuel
an atmospheric gas needed for combustion Oxygen
making a hole by pushing through Pierce
a flammable gas derived from petroleum with selected applications in metal cutting and welding; also know as LP gas Propane
a friction device used to initiate flames with acetylene and other gases Spark lighter
a weld made to temporarily hold parts in position to be welded Tack weld
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