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AR GH Man Unit 4

Arkansas Greenhouse Management Unit 4: Systems

capillary mat system a form of sub-irrigation in which potted plants are set on a moist synthetic mat and water moves upward through the drain holes into the growing medium by wick action
energy curtains automated system utilizing fabrics to insulate the greenhouse at night
fan-and-pad cooling system system in which large exhaust fans draw air through a moistened cellulose pad mounted on the opposite end of the structure
fan-tube ventilation fans bring in small amounts of cool outside air and mix it with the warm air
fluorescent lighting cooler and more efficient than incandescent lights; have a wide range of wavelengths and long life
fertilizer injector system equipment used for the irrigation of plant with exact proportions of fertilizers obtained from a concentrate of liquid fertilizer
fog-evaporative cooling system fog is generated inside; as the minute fog droplets evaporate, heat is absorbed
forced air-heaters localized heater units that force hot air directly into a duct system
high intensity discharge (HID) lighting system efficient and effective supplement lighting system
hose watering manual watering of plants
hot water heat water is heated in a boiler and pumped through pipes
incandescent lighting inefficient and gives off primarily infra-red wavelengths; often used for photoperiod control
infrared radiant heaters individual heater units that produce infrared ratiation
intermittent mist system watering method where tiny water droplets are delivered periodically
natural ventilation air is exchanged through open ridge and side vents and controlled by thermostats
overhead watering water is applied over the canopy of the plants with spray mozzles
perimeter irrigation watering around the outside of a flower bed
shade curtains system utilizing fabrics to block light from reaching crops
short-day curtains automated system utilizing dark fabrics to control light for photoperiod control
soaker hose system water is applied to the growing medium by slowly saturating the medium
steam heat water heated to boiling and steam travels through pipes in the grreenhouse
tube irrigation water is carried to each pot by a microtube; foliage is not wet in this process
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