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Crops Test 2009

Over repeated applications biosolids and animal manures can cause a buildup of _____ in the soil. a. Radium b. Nitrogen c. Phosphorus d. Boron Phosphorus
Your cucumber crop is showing chlorosis starting with the leaf margins of the older leaves. Which of the following nutrients most likely is deficient? a. Nitrogen b. Potassium c. Chromium d. Manganese Nitrogen
Which of the following is not a primary nutrient for plant growth? a. Calcium b. Nitrogen c. Phosphorus d. Potassium Calcium
A soil is classified as “acid” if it has a pH a. Higher than 7.5 b. Below 6.5 c. That has a pH of 7.0 d. Has no pH Below 6.5
Your soil has a pH of 7.5. You need to lower it to 7.0. What can you do? a. Apply sulfur b. Apply lime c. Apply micronutrients d. Apply herbicides Apply sulfur
Which of the following components of soil would have the least surface area per cubic foot? a. Clay b. Silt c. Sand d. Metals Sand
Which of the following nutrients is considered a micronutrient needed for plant growth? a. Zinc b. Nitrogen c. Potassium d. Calcium Zinc
Which of the following is not a liming material? a. Ag ground limestone b. Potassium nitrate c. Calcium carbonate d. Ag pulverized slag Potassium nitrate
Which of the following crops would require the most phosphorus during the growing season? a. Corn –grain (120 bu/Acre) b. Sorghum – grain (90 bu/acre) c. Alfalfa – 6 dry tons per acre d. Wheat – grain + straw (70 bu/acre + 2 dry tons/acre) Alfalfa - 6 dry tons per acre
In corn production, VT refers to: a. Emergence b. 1st leaf collar c. Black layer d. Tasseling Tasseling
Which of the following species is a simple perennial? a. Dandelion b. Soybean c. Wild carrot d. Wheat Dandelion
The first true leaves on a soybean plant are ___. a. Compound b. Alternate c. Cotyledons d. Unifoliate Unifoliate
A soybean plant has the top of the plant eaten by a ground hog. The plant recovers and continues to grow. What part of the plant makes this possible? a. Auricles b. Axillary buds c. Large stomates d. Rhizomes Axillary buds
What role does Nitrogen play in a plant? a. It is a major component of chlorophyll. b. It is a primary compound in sugars. c. It is a part of lignin in the plant. d. It is a primary component in cellulose It is a major component of chlorophyll
In small grain production (rice, wheat, rye, barley or oats), which of the following leaves is most important to grain fill? a. All leaves are equally important b. Leaves produced while tillering c. The flag leaf d. None of the above The flag leaf
Which of the following has a spiked inflorescence? a. Alfalfa b. Kentucky bluegrass c. Rye d. Rice Rye
On a grass plant which part is a membranous or hairy structure located where the blade attaches to the stem? a. Ligule b. Apical meristem c. Auricle d. Root Ligule
In small grain production jointing occurs at __________. a. Feekes stage 6 b. Feekes stage 2 c. Feekes stage 11 d. None of the above Feekes stage 6
The part of the seed that becomes the first root is called the ____________. a. Radicle b. Plumule c. Endosperm d. Hilum Radicle
Which of the following statements appears on all pesticide labels? a. Keep out of reach of children. b. Calibrate sprayer before application. c. Danger – poison. d. Caution – May be harmful if swallowed Keep out of reach of children
The weeds in the field are turning yellow (chlorotic) about ten days after application. Which of the following herbicide types most likely caused these symptoms? a.Pigment inhibitor b.Growth regulator c.Cell membrane disrupter d.amino acid inhibito Amino acid inhibitor
Contact cell membrane disrupter herbicides are used for harvest aids and weed control in many cropping systems. Which of the following weeds would most likely not be controlled by these herbicides? Curly dock
When looking at a label for Banvel 4F, what does the F stand for? a. Dry flowable b. Flowable c. Wettable powder d. Bait Flowable
The movement of pesticides through air currents from the application site is called ____. a. Leaching b. Runoff c. Drift d. Back siphoning Drift
You are doing an application of Balance Pro prior to planting your corn crop. Your nozzles are 36" apart. Your speed is 5.0 MPH. You are applying 15 gallons of spray per acre. What is your nozzle output? a. .45 GPM b. .50 GPM c. .36 GPM d. .15 GPM 0.45 GPM
A thick, waxy plant cuticle: a. decreases the amount of herbicide needed b. increases the amount of herbicide needed c. has no affect on the rate of herbicide needed d. requires a double rate of herbicide increases the amount of herbicide needed
Rainfall or irrigation is needed after a preemergence herbicide application to: move the herbicide into the weed germination zone
Certain genetic lines of corn, soybeans and cotton have been genetically modified to be tolerant to what commonly used herbicide: a. Atrazine b. Liberty c. Cobra d. Accent Liberty
Ergot, a disease of cereal grains, may have been responsible for the Salem Witch Trials. It forms black sclerotia that overwinter. This is caused by what agent? a. Fungi b. Virus c. Bacteria d. Herbicide Fungi
Canada thistle is a problem weed that spreads by creeping roots. Which of these methods would best control this weed? a. Plowing b. Cultivation c. Spring applied fungicides d. Fall applied herbicides Fall applied herbicides
Which of the following insects is considered beneficial or predatory? a. Bean leaf beetle b. Colorado potato beetle c. Green lacewing d. Aphid Green lacewing
Your tobacco leaves look mottled and twisted. Nothing has been sprayed in the area. What is the most likely cause listed? a. Bacteria b. virus c. fungi d. Japanese beetle feeding Virus
Why would you add a surfactant to a pesticide for application? a. To enhance absorption of the pesticide b. To enhance the pesticides rain-fastness to the plant surface c. To aid in the spreading and sticking of the pesticide d. All of the above All of the abive
With a systemic insecticide the insect may be killed by: a. Ingesting a portion of the plant b. Wintering over in crop residue that was sprayed with insecticide c. Contact with the insecticide from spraying the field d. Both a and c Both a & b
Stewarts wilt (Pantoea stewartii) on sweet corn is caused by a: a. A bacteria b. An insect c. A virus d. A fungus Bacteria
Which of the following pathogens would cause a streaming or water-soaked effect in leaf tissue? a. Nematode b. Fungi c. Bacteria d. Virus Bacteria
What are two insecticides that can inhibit the important enzyme cholinesterase, resulting in rapid twitching and paralysis? Organophosphates & Carbamates
Johnsongrass is a serious weed problem in crops such as corn and sugarcane because a. It perreniates and spreads by rhizomes b. It produces a lot of seed c. It is resistant to most corn and sugarcane herbicides d. All of the above All of the above
What tools does the USDA use to detect and monitor a new crop disease problem such as Asian soybean rust? a. Sentinel plots b. Agent scouting c. Disease forecast models d. All of the above All of the above
Your tomatoes are planted in 30 inch rows. In 17 ft. 5 in. of row length you count 21 plants. What is your estimated plant population per acre? a. 21,000 b. 25,400 c. 16,000 d. 17, 500 21,000
Earliest planting date for a crop species is determined by . . . a. Soil moisture b. Calendar date c. Soil temperature d. Crop variety Soil temperature
If the recommended seeding rate for oats is 13 to 21 seeds per foot within a 7 inch row, what would happen if the rate was increased to 58 seeds per foot within a 7 inch row? Disease and lodging would increase
An agrichemical has been spilled on the same site year after year and has ended up in ground water. This situation would be termed: a. A mass flow problem b. A non-point contamination problem c. A superfund site d. A point source contamination prob A point source contamination problem
You are planting a field of pinto beans 1200’ X 797’. The seed you purchase is 98% pure and has a germination rate of 94%. You want to plant 60 pounds of viable seed per acre. How many actual 50 lb bags of seed should you buy? a. 29 b. 31 c. 19 d. 18 29 bags
Green manuring is a process of: a. Adding manure as postemergence treatment to plants b. Adding manure to plants while they are young c. Growing a crop to trap insects d. Growing a crop and plowing it under before planting the next crop Growing a crop and plowing it under before planting the next crop
Depth of fertility soil sampling should; a. Be several feet b. Reflect depth of tillage and crop characteristics c. Stay in the top two inches of soil d. Vary with the amount of fertilizer used Reflect depth of tillage and crop characteristics
Mg, magnesium, is an important element that may have to be added to soils to prevent which of the following conditions in ruminant animals? a. Grass tetany b. White muscle c. Distemper d. Black Leg Grass tetany
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