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(DMS) Israel

The Middle East after World War II.

Palestine The area of the Middle East which includes the country of Israel, the historic home of the Jews.
Zionism A Jewish nationalist movement that had the objective of a Jewish state.
diaspora The expulsion of people from their homeland
Jews People that are either part of the ethnic group Jew or have faith in the religion Judaism.
Judaism The oldest monotheistic religion, originating in the Middle East.
United Nations An international organization that focuses on peace between countries.
World War II A war that involved many countries around the world, begun after German aggression in Europe.
Palestinian An Arab that lives in Palestine.
PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization.
settlements A Jewish community in the occupied territory of the West Bank
partition To separate.
West Bank The west bank of the Jordan river, taken from Trans-Jordan in a war in the 1960's and occupied by Israel.
Gaza Strip Occupied territory that belonged to Egypt until Israel took it in war in the 1960's.
Palestinian Territory Territory in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip controlled by the Palestinian Authority.
Camp David Accords An agreement between Egypt and Israel, where Egypt recognized Israel as a country and Israel returned the Sinai Peninsula.
Theordore Herzl The author of the Zionist movement in Europe in the late 1800's.
Israel Country formed in the land of Palestine after World War II as a Jewish state.
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