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Poli4 Authors

Authors and the texts/themes they support

Franz Fanon Concerning Violence - Necessity of Violence in Decolonization, natural reaction to master & slave dialect to liberate one's conscious and spirit
Jean Jacques Rousseau The Social Contract - willing give up certain rights to ensure protection of other rights in community
Will Kymlicka Multiculturalism - Ideology that opposes racial rule, celebrates diversity and empowers marginalized groups through rights, recognition and redistribution
Henry A. Giroux Neoliberalism - Economic & Political Theory of rolling back the state (welfare) and privatization and deregulation of public domain. Extreme form of capitalism that spreads into cultural spheres and fosters a global market-oriented society.
Chantal Mouffe Agonistic Democracy - dissent, contestation and deliberation essential to the political and democracy. Theorists must foster an agonistic public sphere of contestation and debate to deepen democracy.
Henry David Thoreau Civil Disobedience - Do not give up conscience and individuality to the state. If state not acting in your best interest, duty to break unjust laws and willingly face the consequences peacefully. Form of non-violent protest.
Immanuel Wallerstein Integrationalist vs. Anti-systemic forms of resisting exclusions
David Theo Goldberg The Racial State - Naturalist & Historist forms of racial rule in Colonized society. Naturally prefers white male subjects
Benjamin Goldfrank Participatory Budgeting - Prominent process in Latin American countries where citizens (directly or civic associations) may contribute to decision making in budgeting w/ gov't authorities
Bhikhu Parekh Civil Society - non-governmental, non-market realm of organization/association; third sector between economy & market. Public space for the pursuit of civilization and fosters trust & shared values, cohesion, and combats feelings of atomization.
Wolin Fugitive Democracy - Fleeting, rare rebellious moment
Ranciere Democracy - matter of part-taking by those excluded from the given order/community. Manifestation of dissensus is the essense of politics. "The part with no part"
Habermas, Purcell Defines Civic Republican, Liberal models of citizenship
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