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Dairy Judging Test

Historically during what season is the demand for milk the highest? a) spring b) summer c) fall d) winter e) it is the same year round fall
Which breed of dairy cattle has the lowest percentage of inbreeding? a) Ayrshire b) Brown Swiss c) Guernsey d) Holstein e) Jersey Holstein
In the standard protocol for cleaning milking equipment, which of the following is not one of the four phases of cleaning? A) Backflushing B)acid rinse C)Chlorinated alkaline cleaning D)acid rinse E)Sanitation Backflushing
Dairy farmers fund the National Dairy Promotion & Research Board and other dairy product promotion through payments of how much per hundredweight of milk shipped? a) $0.05 b) $0.10 c) $0.15 d) $0.50 e) $1.00 $0.15
Feeding proper rations during the summer is important for both cow comfort and maintaining milk production. Which nutrient is most important during the summer months? a) energy b) fat c) water d) vitamins e) minerals Water
What percentage of lactating dairy cows have oxytocin in their bloodstreams during milking? a) 50% b) 60% c) 75% d) 88% e) 100% 100%
We can reduce ammonia emissions by reducing the feeding of what? a) fat b) protein c) corn silage d) phosphorus e) minerals Protein
On the Unified Dairy Cow Score Card, the category "udder" accounts for how many points? a) 10 b) 15 c) 25 d) 30 e) 40 40
The medical name for tarsal hygroma which is a common ailment of dairy cows is what? a) swollen hock b) dehydration c) acidosis d) lameness e) split toed Swollen Hock
What bacteria causes "Circling Disease" in cattle? a) salmonella b) mycoplasma c) listeria d) leukosis e) haemophilus somnus Listeria
Fumonisin and zearalenone are examples of what? a) vitamins b) minerals c) carbohydrates d) lipids e) mycotoxins Mycotoxins
Which of the following is a compartment of the dairy cow's stomach? a) duodenum b) jejunum c) ileum d) cecum e) abomasum Abomasum
The Dairy Cow Unified Score Card for judging dairy cattle was developed by which organization: a) Holstein Association b) Purebred Dairy Cattle Association c)National 4H Council d) National FFA Foundation e) National Dairy Shrine Purebred Dairy Cattle Association
What describes "days to first service"? a)calving interval b)number of days from calving until first breeding date c) days open d) days dry e) all of the above number of days from calving until first breeding date
An example of a Class III use for milk would be to make: a) A Class III use does not exist b) Ice Cream c) Nonfat dry milk d) Cottage Cheese e) Hard Cheese Hard Chees
When using sexed semen, conception rates are about what percent of the conception rates achieved when using unsexed semen under the same conditions? a) 25 % b) 50 % c) 80 % d) 95 % e) 100% 50%
According to recent USDA surveys, what is the most popular age to wean calves? a) 2 weeks, b) 4 weeks, c) 7 weeks, d) 9 weeks, e) 12 weeks 9 weeks
What allows liquids to bypass the rumen of a young calf and flow directly into the abomasum? a) esophageal groove, b) reticulum, c) Ileum, d) omasum, e) jejunum esophageal groove
What is the name of the part of the cow that is located between the dew claw and the hoof? a) pastern, b) knee, c) toe, d) heel, e) foot angle pastern
In the reproductive tract of a dairy cow, how many uterine horns are there? a) none, b) one, c) two, d) three, e) four two
A dairy animal can be disqualified from being shown in the show ring for which of the following reasons: a) blind quarter, b) permanent lameness, c) tampering to conceal faults, d) freemartin heifer, e) all of the above all of the above
Fats are broken down in what part of the digestive system? a) rumen, b) omasum, c) large intestine, d) small intestine, e) all of the above small intestine
The number one reason for culling in U.S. dairy herds is a) reproductive failure, b) mastitis, c) lameness, d) too old, e) low milk production reproductive failure
Which of the following is not a commonly used estrus synchronization program used in dairy cattle? a) CIDR, b) post-synch, c) heat-synch, d) pre-synch, e) co-synch post-synch
In 2008 which state ranked first for milk production per person? a) South Dakota, b) Vermont, c) Wisconsin, d) Idaho, e) New Mexico Idaho
In which breed of cows is the incidence of milk fever most common? a) Ayrshire, b) Brown Swiss, c) Guernsey, d) Holstein, e) Jersey Jersey
Which sector of dairy products grew an impressive 32 percent between 2004 and 2009, with total sales of $4.1 billion? a) yogurt and yogurt drinks, b) ice cream and frozen dairy products, c) butter, d) organic milk, e) white milk yogurt & yogurt drinks
Milk over what somatic cell count cannot be legally shipped in the United States? a) 200,000, b) 400,000, c) 500,000, d) 750,000, e) 1,000,000 750,000
Each sperm cell contains what sample portion or percentage of the genes in the sire’s cells? a) 1/5 (20%), b) 1⁄4 (25%), c) 1⁄2 (50%), d) 3⁄4 (75%), e) 100% 1/2 (50%)
The name for milk sugar is? a) Sucrose, b) Fructose, c) Glucose, d) Casein, e) Lactose lactose
Immature hay is a more valuable as a feed for dairy cows than mature hay because of: a) higher nutrient content, b) lower fiber, c) more palatable, d) lower fiber, e) all of the above. all of the above
This vitamin plays a role in the coagulation of blood. a) Vitamin A, b) Vitamin B12, c) vitamin K, d) vitamin C, e) Vitamin D vitamin K
Manure digesters convert what gas into electricity? a) propane, b) methane, c) ethanol, d) biodiesel, e) all of the above methane
Within 30 minutes after milking is completed, milk should be cooled to what temperature? a) 50 degrees F, b) 45 degrees F, c) 38 degrees F, d) 20 degrees F, e) 15 degrees F 38 degrees
What is the common name for infectious keratoconjunctivitis? a) pinkeye, b) ringworm, c) acidosis, d) Johne's, e) ketosis pinkeye
What percentage of milk in the US was marketed through dairy cooperatives in 2008? a) 59, b) 69, c) 79, d) 89, e) 100 79
Which one of the following is not classified as a fat soluble-vitamin? a) Vitamin D, b) Vitamin K, c) Vitamin B, d) Vitamin A, e) Vitamin E Vitamin B
When referring to identification, FAIR stands for? a) farm animal identification and records, b) farm animal air standards, c) the local county fair, d) farm animal insurance records, e) none of the above farm animal identification and records
Which compartment of a dairy cow’s stomach is located closest to the heart and is a spot where hardware disease occurs? a) rumen, b) reticulum, c) omasum, d) abomasums, e) jejunum reticulum
When a cow is frightened, what hormone is released? a) estrogen, b) adrenaline, c) FSH, d) biotin, e) lactase adrenaline
Sperm lives how long after being deposited in the cow’s reproductive tract? a) 6 hours, b) 10-12 hours, c) 12-18 hours, d) 24 -30 hours, e) 48 hours 24 - 30 hours
Which purebred dairy breed association introduced a “dairy price stabilization” program in 2009? a) Ayrshire, b) Jersery, c) Guernsey, d) Holstein, e) Brown Swiss Holstein
Dry matter is the amount of feed left after what is removed? a) grain, b) forages, c) vitamins, d) minerals, e) water water
In a sire’s proof daughter calving ease measures what? a) a bull’s tendency to sire calves that are born easily, c) the influence of the sire of the cow on calving ease, e) how easily the sire was born to his dam the influence of the sire of the cow on calving ease
To maintain margins, you should be monitoring and making decisions based on your herd’s IOFC. What do the initials IOFC stand for? a) Income over forage costs, b) Income over free costs, c) Income on feeding cows, d) Income over feed costs, income over feed costs
Which of the following diseases is not caused by a virus? a) laminitis, b) BVD, c) warts, d) cow pox, e) IBR laminitis
Which of the following factors influence a dairy herd’s average calving interval? a) reproductive culling, b) voluntary waiting period, c) estrus detection, d) conception rate, e) all of the above all of the above
Which of the volatile fatty acids is a precursor for glucose? a) valine, b) acetate, c) lysine, d) propionate, e) butyrate propionate
How many chromosomes does the nucleus of each reproductive cell have in dairy cattle? a) 15, b) 24, c) 30, d) 32, e) 60 30
Dried milk is an example of what class of milk? a) class I, b) class II, c) class III, d) class IV, e) class V class IV
If a dairy bull has been genetically tested to determine his genomic make-up, this will be indicated on his pedigree by what letters? a) DNA-TPI, b) GTPI, c) GTTPI, d) TPI-G, e) no difference will be indicated GTPI
The most costly form of mastitis is? a) subclinical, b) chronic, c) clinical, d) acute, e) all of the above subclinical
Which of the following is the most popular type of cheese in the United States? a) swiss, b) mozzarella, c) cheddar, d) colby, e) provolone mozzarella
“Thurl position” is a trait evaluated in what category on the PDCA Unified Scorecard? a) frame, b) udder, c) rear feet and legs, d) dairy strength, e) none of the above rear feet and legs
What is the only aspect of milk quality that is completely controlled on the farm? a) bacteria counts, b) drug residue, c) milk components, d) milk flavor, e) all of the above drug residue
The Global Dairy Agenda for Action is a pledge to reduce what type of emissions in an attempt to address global warming? a) manure odor, b) nitrous oxide, c) sulfur, d) carbon, e) all of the above carbon
When is the best time to feed anionic salts to prevent milk fever? a) at dry off, b) two weeks before calving, c) at calving, d) two weeks after calving, e) you can feed them at any time. two weeks before calving
Dairy Management Inc. introduced what social media program for dairy advocates? a) dairy goddess, b) dairy farming today, c) myDairy, d) facebook, e) 3-A-Day dairy. myDairy
Milk that is low in SCC has more casein which is the primary component in what dairy product? a) cheese, b) milk, c) cream, d) butter, e) all of the above cheese
Which hormone produced by the uterus causes regression of the corpus luteum? a) PGF, b) FSH, c) LH, d) GnRH, e)P4 GnRH
When a dairy cows comes into heat every few days, this condition is referred to as? a) gestation, b) lactation, c) anestrus, d) cystic, e) estrus cystic
Fats are broken down by a dairy cow in what part of her body? a) rumen, b) pancreas, c) large intestine, d) liver, e) small intestine small intestine
Which dairy breed originated in the central part of the European continent? a) Ayrshire, b) Brown Swiss, c) Guernsey, d) Jersey, e) Milking Shorthorn Brown Swiss
Which system of the cow’s body is most affected by paratuberculosis? a) circulatory, b) respiratory, c) reproductive, d) digestive, e) endocrine digestive
The next genetic base change for genetic evaluations in the dairy industry, will occur when? a) it has already happened, b) 2010, c) 2011, d) 2012, e) the base does not change. 2010
What is the measure of how well cows turn feed into milk? a) milk efficiency, b) feed to milk ratio, c) feed conversation, d) feed efficiency, e) milk to feed ratio feed efficiency
What is the sex chromosome of a male calf? a) XX, b) YY) c) XY, d) FX, e) MY XY
The optimum calcium to phosphorus ration in a lactating cow ration is? a) 1 to 1, b) 3 to 2, c) 2 to 2, d) 1 to 2, e) 1.5 -2.0 to 1 1.5-2.0 to 1
A dairy animal on average spends how much time ruminating or chewing? a) 2-4 hours, b) 7 -10 hours, c) 12-14 hours, d) 16-18 hours, e) 24 hours 7 - 10 hours
On the PDCA Unified Dairy Cow Score Card, the category “dairy strength” accounts for how many points? a) 10, b) 15, c) 25, d) 30, e) 40 25
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