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communicate new AF Manpower? AF/A1M
AF/A1 utitlzes the Direcortate EXCEPT developing programs that help cc with airmans needs
A1 IT (info technology) AF/A1X
Independent analysis ... issues AF/A1I
defines the culture AF/A1D
Dec 2000 MAJCOMS? 9
Air Force people meet field commander requirements
needs to communicate... choose from? 7
(FOA)that measures and manages (AFPOA)
(UTC)and posturing Air and Space Expeditionary
below the grade of colonel Assignments
interns to provide future Civilian Force Integration
developing guidence, procedures and training for active duty, Guard Reserve and civilian Force Operations
help with information technology Personnel Data Systems
(AEFC) is a direct reporting unit (DRU)assigned under HQ AFPC
Why did AEFC move? To bring two centers together in....
citizen Airman air and space power
37 flying wings AFRC 74,000
the AFRC vision citizen AIRMAN fully engaged...
aircraft does AFRC have? 440
Hurricane Katrina (ANG) Bureau
During peacetime ANG units compatable with training, mobilization readiness and contingency operations
(ANG) units are NOT mobilized Governor
guidence to enlisted (AFSC) (AFECD)
duties and responsibilities of craftsman EXCEPT advise civilians on civilian... programs
superintendent (9level)duties and responsibilities... AFECD
duties of the superintendent include EXCEPT perform dormitory checks
wide scope superintendent EXCEPT control
important to document interruptions 623a trainee is having difficulty
15 months... this trainee Journeyman
all of the are the trainee's EXCEPT develop MTP
Within how many days.. inital eval.. 60
When granting an individual access...(NdA)? attestation was completed
a persons level of classified information.. four-step "checks and balance"
implement control measures? To help decrease... wrong hands
What is the disposition (NdA) mailed? 50 year referred to again
success with your audience? so they will pay attention
fight for feedback? second pair of eyes
clerk did not update MILPDS? pay would stop
"T" status reject to DFAS
Which office...update the reenlistment and extention DJMS reenlistments
What is E63 used for? update DFAS
(MPS)CC looks at file TR (MPS) CC did not complete timely
designed and controlled AFPC
TR controlled and produced daily
MAP-2 enhancements HYT within 1HYT and their reenlistment code
inbound sponsor MAP 7A
customer service can check MAP 27
Lt smith AFROTC personnel record has not been built
PCS demotion MAP6
national power EXCEPT strategic
military power EXCEPT politics
Joint operations runs from the Secretary of Defense
planning activities EXCEPT reconstitution
Total force active duty, Guard and Reserves
ANG important component total offensive, defensive and relief ops
Most trace lineage 1920's and 30's
Reserves civilian Talent
wartime craftsman EXCEPT briefings
accurate strength data accountability
document that reflects TDY DRMD
personnelist not fulfilling personnel support
21st century air and space EXCEPT manage
total force how many AEF forces 10
AEF concept AF UTC's across 10 AEF's
AEF Task Force sustaining air and expeditionary wing
formed to conduct Air and space expeditionary group
Once an airman arrives at a base military personnel element/flight
AEF alignment airman is issued a/an AEF ID Card
Airman should not have to deploy 20 months
basic building block UTC
Planners use UTC to support the ...rotational planning.
total force into 10 and one enabler force
Deviations case-by-case Chief of Staff
"calling up" Increases military capability
concept of mobilization peacetime to wartime
President or Congress what type mobilization Partial
If a planner needed to review (WMP-1)
If a warplanner needed to document UTC
mobilization principles EXCEPT securing resources
deactivation and demobilization is documented MAJCOM, 214, paid travel
financial medical hardship caused request for retention on ADuty
hardship many days 15
military processing flight days to forward to appropriate agency three duty days
allocated or put aside military personnel appropriation man-days
short-term needs no more than 139 days
on a man-day dress and apperance active force
man-day tours travel one day max
natural disasters... resuming normal accountability
unit recall commander
day-to-day readiness responsibilities installation deployment plan review
personnel readiness function EXCEPT assignment limitation codes
PERSCO team training eEXCEPT reclama/shortfall process
real-world deployment... readiness function do? Hook up, plug in
eligible for assignment contingency ops Force Support Squadron
timelines outlined in the.. response time
during the planning phase.. most important training
hard copy accountability electronic info can be lost
reception control center has NOT personnel..operation team
sustainment phase a transition phase from build up where the MAJORITY
Responsibiity to appoint UIF Monitor Commander many days to send appointment letter UIF 30
intended actions and provide pertinent information 3 duty days
filing any statements or documents UIF Customer Support Element
Customer Support Element EXCEPT administer UIF documentation
promotion eligibility...adverse actions G
what assignment availaibility... 12 and 16
UIF roster output products.. TR's reflecting UIF updates and UIF exp dates
cc initiate removal AF IMT 1058
casualty private office Military Personnel Section cc
casualty written instructions to EXCEPT force support superintendent
PA office name,age,home of record and race
family member dies humanitarian
mass casualty first group casualty team
releasing info on af casualty EXCEPT 3002
hours to release to the public 24
peacetime casualty DPFCS
for ill or injured casualties EXCEPT SSN
deceased casualties EXCEPT any info on the members family
CAR fax what docs on military member/s 93, SGLI, 4 .... related to SGLI
use to outprocess? Defense integrated...
verify a members eligiblity? 7
assignment rip to? super of CDElement
assignment rip back to MPS? 14
docs in relocation folder EXCEPT? decoration citation
IMT 907 kept? relocations
IMT AD Service Commitment? 63
higher more current security clearance...? memorandum
weapons training if selected for? overseas
passport and/or visa? 15
publish PCS orders days NLT? 60
PCS stateside outprocess no earlier? 1 duty day prior to departure
system manage training rips? Oricle training admin
contingency outprocessing? Personnel readiness
PME system would use? Oracle
formal training office outside..? Career Development element
training quotas are being managed? service commitment
virtual enlisted? eliminates
AFPC promotion results? state/country
promotions.. base media? board president
status for promotion? Career Development element
management documents? ops element
AD arrival? 699
..EXCEPT unit is allowed to? share
mistakes or needed changes? Functional
PERSTEMPO except? the installation cc
absent without leave? case mgt system
duty status contingency? readiness
first to review duty status? TFSC
to negate ? same CAFSC
used outside CAFSC? O
personnel reliability ? "turn key"
official work? competent med authority
certifying offical? marital status
supervisors monitoring supervisees? monitor
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