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Vocab words III


mutation` noun-new form resulting from a change
nebula noun -an unclear bright area in the night sky, for example, a distant galaxy
nocturnal adjective-active at night : most owls are nocturnal
nuisance noun-something that is annoying
omnivore noun-an animal or person that eats both plants and meat
outrageous adjective-shockingly bad
ozone noun-a gas which can be toxic formed from oxygen
parasite noun-an organism that lives in or on another person or animal
participle noun -a word formed from a verb
phloem noun-the tissue in plants that brings food to the leaves
plateau noun -no change following a period of progress : (the peace process had reached a plateau)
polygon noun- shape with at least three or more straight sides and angles
protagonist noun-the leading character in a drama, movie, or book
pulverize verb -to smash
quandary` noun -uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation : (The student is in a quandary)
quarantine noun-a place where people or animals are put by themselves because they are contagious with a disease
quota noun-a limited or fixed number of people or things
rain forest noun-a dense forest in tropical areas with heavy rainfall
random adjective-chosen without a method
recede verb -go or move back
renaissance noun-a renewed interest in something : (rail travel is enjoying a renaissance)
renegade noun-a person who behaves in a rebellious way
repose noun- a state of peace
sacrifice noun-an act of slaughtering an animal or person or giving up a possession
silhouette noun- dark shape and outline of something
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