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VT 245


inflammation of the kidney that goes into the pelvis pyelo nephritis
pelvis pyelo
excess urea and nitrogenous waste in the blood azotemia
most common urinary disease in cats feline sterile cystitis
this urinary dz happens in time of stress sterile cystitis
diet change and no antibiotics since it's not bacterial sterile cystitis
hematuria, stranguria, inappropriate elimination sterile cystitis
most common disease in dogs canine infectious cystitis
happens more in female dogs, uroliths common cause (struvite) canine infectious cystitis
urinary obstruction tx sedate cat, tomcat catheter, evacuate urethra into bladder, give fluids, keep to monitor, change diet
acidifying diet to get rid of which crystals struvite
males get this crystal more commonly calcium oxalate
most common disease in older cats chronic renal disease
phenylpropanalamine or des tx what incontinence in spayed females
common urinary neoplasia transitional cell carcinoma
hidden blood in the urine - can see it on urinalysis occult hematuria
three functions of the kidney filtration, regulates blood pressure, promotes production of RBCs
three types of uroliths reno, uretero, cysto
increased frequency of urination (usually small amounts) pollakiuria
inability to hold urine or control urine flow incontinence
B cells bone marrow
T cells from marrow into thymus
term for prevention prophylaxis
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