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Repro Diseases

VT 145

difficult birth that causes a lot of problems dystocia
stage at which bitch is restless, nesting behavior (1-36 hours) stage one
stage at which puppies are born (20-60 min/pup), no longer than 2 hrs between pups, lasts 3-24 hours stage two
five signs of dystocia contracts longer than 30min w/o progress, weak contractions for longer than 2 hours w/o progress, >2hrs between pups, abnormal vaginal discharge, pain
infection of the uterus pyometra
when does pyometra occur? usually 1-2 months after estrus
what is open pyometra? cervix is open, vaginal discharge is present
why is closed pyometra so bad? cervix is closed and can become septic/systemic
four signs of pyometra ill dog, PUPD, anorexia, lethargy
best cure for pyometra surgery/spay
inflammation of the uterus metritis
when does metritis occur?
three causes of metritis retained placenta, retained fetuses, damage from dystocia
best cure for metritis surgery/spay
inflammation of the mammary glands mastitis
four signs of mastitis hot, firm/nodular, painful glands; abnormal serosanguinous fluid
bloody serum serosanguinous
galactostasis milk glands that will not come out
2-3 weeks post partum in dogs with big litters and heavy lactation eclampsia/hypocalcemia
three signs of eclampsia weekness, trembling, seizures
some dogs exhibit mammary development, milk production, maternal behavior pseudopregnancy
how to find out if dog is pregnant hormone assays
Created by: eaks