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Final VT 145

Digestive System

when an ulcer is full thickness and a hole is created perforated ulcer
extreme & persistent constipation obstipation
surgery to evaluate entire gi tract exploratory laparotomy
gastropectant sucralfate/carafate
antibiotic for bacteria metronidazole/flagyl
antiemetic/peristalsis metoclopramide/reglan
proton pump inhibitor omeprazole
antidiarrheal loperaminde/immodium
can happen on the lips and vulva lip fold dermatitis
accumulation of mucus/salica at salivary duct salivary mucoceles
sublingual mucoceles ranula
typical oral neoplasia SCC
immune mediated dz where wbcs accumulate in lining of si and li (BUTZER) inflammatory bowel disease
melena small bowel
frank blood large bowel
lymphatic drainage in the si lymphangiectasia
telescoping of si intussusception
inflammation of exocrine, holidays! pancreatitis
german shepherd exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
large bowel diarrhea, usually bacterial colitis
reducible bump on anus perianal hernia
abnormal hole at anus, GSD perianal fistulas
what does the exocrine gland produce digestive enzymes
what does the endocrine gland produce insulin (beta), glucagon (alpha
three layers of adrenal cortex mineralocorticoids, glucocorticoids, androgens
mineralocorticoids = aldosterone
glucocorticoids = cortisol
androgens = sex hormone precursors
adrenal medulla produces what nor/epinephrine
two endocrine diseases that cause bilateral alopecia cushing's, hypothyroidism
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