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Vet Vocab 2013

The Vocab for the test on 2/14/2013

Shoe Box Cage Rodents cages that come is small to large.
Elastrator Used for castrationing and tail removal on sheep.
Curry Comb Used for brushing out dead fur on an animal.
Hoof Pick Used for cleaning and trimming hoofs on barn animals.
Ear Tagger/appicator Used to tag barn animals.
Balling gun/Bolus Gun Used to force pills down into the animal.
Glass Thermometer
Guillotine Nail Clipper
Scissor Nail Clipper
Straight Shears
Thinning Shears
Curved Shears
Shedding Blade
Slicker Brush
Commercial Muzzle
Gauze Muzzle
Mat Comb
Dog Tooth Brush
Elastrator Band
Balling Gun (Bolus Gun)
Bolus Forceps
Digital Thermometer
Shoe Box Cage
Hoof Pick
Hemostat (Forceps)
Fecal loop
Bandage Scissors
Elizabethan Collar
Slip Lead
Dose Syringe
Marking Harness Crayon
Marking Harness
Eartag Pliers (Earlagger)
Paint-Brand Iron
Foot Rat Shear (Hoof Rat Shear)
Livestock Marker
Weigh Sling
Created by: isology