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Applied Nutrition

Advisability of creep fed replacements is ______ debatable
Developing replacement heifers with feed, pasture, or both permits them to attain ____ to ___ of their anticipated mature weight at ___ mo for breeding to calve at _____years 55-65%; 15 months; 2 years
Post weaning rate of gain from ____to_____ months at _____ to ______ lb/day 7-15; 0.75-1.25
Low levels of gain may delay _____ and reduce ______ _______ puberty; reproductive efficiency
High levels of gain may damage _______ _______ mammary development
Weaning ration - free choice hay and ____to____ pounds grain/day with free choice ______ 3-4; minerals
Winter ration for spring born heifers under one year - feed to gain about ____to ____ pounds a day to reach _____ to _____ pounds by mid-to-late-spring. 1.0-1.25; 600-700
Pasture plus minerals is adequate for yearling heifers to gain 1-1.5 pounds a day from _____ until breeding time in ________ (______ days) May; mid-July; 75 days
Breed weight should be at least ____ to _____ pounds at 15 months 650-750
Heifers should be ______ % of mature weight at breeding and ______% of mature weight at calving 60; 85
If fall wight is 500 pounds in November, then ADG needs to be _____ until breeding time 1.6
Bred heifers can be fed and managed like the _____ ____ and should not be fed with _____. cow herd; steers
Bred heifers will usually gain 1-1.25 pounds per day calving at _____ to _____ pounds without being overconditioned 900-1100
After calving, feed first-calf heifers _____ so they can breed back on schedule liberally
Young bulls should be creep fed then full fed on a high energy ration (_____ to ____ concentrate) from weaning to 14 months of age. Such animals should be ready for use when they are _____to_____ months 70-85; 15-18
Young bulls require a daily dry feed allowance of about ______ of their body weight and a rate of gain of at least _______ pounds per day 2.5%; 2.5 pounds
From 15 months to 3 years, bulls should make a daily gain of _____ to _____ pounds and receive a dry feed allowance equal to ____ to _____ pounds of their body weight. 1.75-2.25; 1.75-2.25
Mature breeding bulls can usually maintain condition on the same kind of pasture and wintering management provided to the ___ _____ cow herd
Wintering feeding of bulls should be ____ pound of grain per 100 pounds of body weight with protein supplements and free choice roughage. 0.5
If winter fed roughage is corn silage, adjust level of ____ and _____ supplement as needed. grain; protein
In winter feeding of bulls, _____ should be free-choice minerals
In winter feeding, 20,000 units of _______ daily if any question about level in feed. Vitamin A
In summer feeding of bulls, free-choice ______ and _____ as in the case of the cow herd minerals; pasture
In summer feeding of bulls, supplement energy feed only if required to maintain ______ ________ satisfactory condition
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